About Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

1The author of ‘Dancing With Horses’ and other world-bestselling books, teaches the principles of genuine life, against the background of both the mythological and the real horse.  His Facebook page has more than 1.600.000 members, his clips on YouTube have been seen more than 11 million times.

He emphasizes the importance of totally honest self-assessment and self-knowledge and both mental and physical self-control, demonstrating how a misplaced or misunderstood feeling, glance, posture, attitude or movement can make the difference between success and failure in the relationship with a horse. Related to this,

Klaus is demonstrating in a unique way, how human behavior affects authentic basic structures, and how this may lead to conclusions on personal and societal fundamental energy- and life- structures.

During years of research, he developed, in daily life frequently proofed systems of genuine and authentic communication. Recently he created the

GCI – Global Consulting Institute.

Against his broad back-ground, he is offering his insights and experiences to both, general private persons as well as focused on the professional group of decision-makers from institutions, business and social life.

4_The ZEN Horse NEW1As a graduate engineer in the field of communication and as a former high school teacher, he has gained a major international reputation for authentic communication with wild and abandoned horses – and for his ability to transmit the essence of these authentic experiences to the general life and its tasks.

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With his professional background in communications and art,

Klaus has shaken up the international horse world. He is at the forefront of new ideas on working and interacting with horses and transmitting these insights towards general human issues.

üoÐThe development of the rider’s (humans in general) presence and an orientation to holistic principles is integral to this work. Klaus’ first book, ‘Dancing with Horses’ (translated into more than 10 languages), met with overwhelming international success; thousands of spectators have witnessed a way of interacting with horses that made the horses the teachers, the bearers of mysteries, whose proximity could transform human lives.

31Knowing a horse within a few seconds
Klaus did not have anything to do with horses before the age of 29. And yet, only a few years after he encountered his first horse, he wrote the book ‘Dancing with Horses’ – it took the horse world by storm. Klaus has the ability to ‘know’ a horse within a few seconds and within a few minutes of the first meeting, he establishes a relationship so firmly that anything after that is completely based on trust. In his Borderline Demonstrations he transforms dangerous, nervous, traumatized, any kind of horse into cooperative companions. They recognize him as their leader, and become willing partners in groundwork and under saddle.

A unique system
Klaus has developed a unique system for classifying all horse types into 26 character groups.


In his book ‘What Horses Reveal’ he describes this system in detail and explains how to apply it, in order to gain a greater understanding of every horse. When used with correct body language and self-knowledge, this system will give every horse and rider the chance to develop a more fulfilling and happier relationship, and a more enlightened journey through life.



34Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling was born in Westphalia in 1957. After completing an engineering course in the field of telecommunications technology in 1978, he took the time to deepen his understanding of life by becoming a teacher, freelance artist, theatrical director and traveller.

After several years in the Spanish Pyrenees he became, at twenty-six, a full-time lecturer at the School of Art and Design in Dortmund. During this period he undertook a detailed study of mythology and found he was continually confronted with that most significant symbol of our culture – the horse. At the age 29 he gave up his successful career of creating and designing garden- and nature-facilities, and devoted his life to the study of horse.

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His career in the horse-world began with a practical and theoretical study of the art of classical horsemanship in Europe, and this led him on to undertake a study of wild horses in the Pyrenees. At that time, in the end of the eighties, the mountains where partly still wild and ‘untouched’, and having found the wild horses he could undisturbed live among them during a long period of time, and gained a deep insight in their communication and herd-structure.  At this point of his life he began a study, that would reshape not only the person, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, but also the horse world.

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In 1993 he published an account of his experiences in the book Dancing With Horses, which became a worldwide best seller. Later he published different other books (KFH – Publications) which are translated into many languages.


127Recently he moved to a remote farm in northern Denmark, where he together with his crew is offering seminars and different activities around his 124coaching and consulting institute and seminars dedicated to the being with horses.

Coach & consultant in personal relations, business and society and one of the most renowned horse-experts of the world