About The highest level on the scale to reach inner strength, peaceableness and responsibility

"It is known, that today, in the modern equestrian world, the number of horse interested women are in the absolute majority with over 90%. But it is less or practically not known, that this circumstance represents a very recent innovation. In fact, the ratio was exactly the opposite in virtually all times before ours.

The backgrounds are very diverse. Above all, this point is important:
Our ancestors clearly distinguished the ways and forms of growing up, the initiation, for the man or the woman. The highest level on the scale to reach inner strength as a man, peaceableness and responsibility was the very special handling of horses.

"The horse's power and immensely powerful presence should from the beginning be approached in the greatest peaceableness and the greatest inner strength, so that the horse could finally put himself completely unconditionally beside the man as a partner, simply because of the innate strength of the now adult and responsible human being.

Thus, the adolescent was able to develop into a being within the human society that, far beyond his isolated egotistical interest, would have the well-being of the whole in view, in order to master even outstanding tasks peacefully, calm and justly. All the qualities of “noble trade” could be united by the horseman, the horse-warrior, the knight.

This original idea in fact brought me to the horses and I have rediscovered and animated this trail over decades in many aspects. All my encounters with horses, yes my general way of life is dedicated to these authentic structures."

Different to our times, our ancestors considered the female gender as the stronger one. Are women still aware of this basic and fundamental strength today? The genuine path of the woman towards the authentic and strengthening gender-identification has practically been lost.

On the other hand: Today a young or already mature man might have difficulties to find a “home” in the horse world. Many of them may realize, that their being with horses is a significant challenge to them, and that there is a very deep meaning hidden behind. But they mostly do not recognize them in those provided common forms of being with horses. 

They do not find the expected depth in the sports-riders field, not in the pure leisure riding or in other forms of dressage, which are taking the background of those especially completely peaceful ways of dealing with their own development of inner strength and their physicality far to little in account.

After 30 years of my being with horses, I have decided to give this aspect a wider public space and in my teachings a new weight. The backgrounds are as unknown as they are fascinating. In the very personal being with my students, I can deal with them in details and in a far reaching manner.

"I have been describing my own way in the book "The message from the horse" in a form of a novel.

The path to a horse warrior, to a truly adult and self-reliant man is a long one. But every step along this path is a gain, if one sets from the very beginning on inner strength, on absolute peaceableness and on highest sensitivity, and is always remaining true towards himself and his genuine destiny path.
My own offers range from an hour, even on the phone, to a full year of practical learning and experiencing. However one wants to experience this quest, one has to start in the purest way right from the beginning, otherwise, the being with horses is not only not helpful, it can then be very harmful and dangerous for body and mind.

The concept of ​​the “KFH Peaceful Horse Warrior” is, to give a new home to horse interested and seeking men, a new form of identification.
Thank you for your interest." KFH

An offer proposal concerning this topic:

The basic entrance-package for a comprehensive introduction to mythology, important original traditions, the authentic being as man and woman as such, in general relations and society, the genuine perception of the genders and, if relevant, the specific role of the horse in it.
The term “Peaceful horse-warrior” also stands here as a synonym for the conscious, adult-acting being in general.
Also long-forgotten traditions are forming the basis for Klaus as coach and consultant as well as for his successful and unique way of being with horse.

Among these backgrounds is this: The paths to the authentic self-understanding of man and woman were different in the sense of our ancestors - Practically everywhere in the world and at all original times. The study of countless ancient sources led Klaus also in this regard on the way he is representing today. He is concerned with these enormously important fundamentals also in his teachings. 

Strongly recommended by Klaus for a comprehensive preparation and cognition based on basic knowledge of life for a better understanding of relationships, of one's own as well as of the other gender, of the dealing with fundamental conflicts within human relationships and, if relevant, the general being with horses as man or woman.

The basic topic of this package-offer is integrated in the other package offers.

10 hours of footage in total, plus 5 hours in total with Klaus and assistant plus 5 hours  with assistants under the supervision of Klaus.
Basic Entrance Package - 3 days
€ 8.450,- incl. accommodation, full-board and 25% VAT