“The great path to wisdom has no gate, but a beginning and a clear direction” KFH

"The topics, briefly introduced in the posts below, are as important in my opinion as they are absolutely contemporary.

The way to self-identification and authentic perception of one's own life path, according to our forefathers, was very different for man or woman. This formed the basis for every personal development and connection to the social environment.

That sounds strange to us today, and yet this is the basis for virtually all cultures before ours. And indeed, in this primordial view many answers can be found related to the specific problems of our time.

The basis for my being with horses, as well as Life-Coach and Management-Consultant in many respects are the years of research also concerning just these topics.

It is about existential questions of initiation and the maturation of each human being.

The symbolical, mythological and real horse did play historically a unique and very important role regarding these topics - but pretty different than expected and generally known." KFH