The great path has no gate, just a beginning

"The topics introduced below, are as important in my opinion as they are absolutely contemporary.
There are different areas and backgrounds of my work and my being with horses, which are very important but at the same time differ more or less from today's conceptions of the "world of the white man".

Speaking or writing about it ‘in a short way' involves the risk of being misunderstood. Then I may refer to visible and distinct successes, for example concerning my being with horses, in my way of binding them directly to me and at the same time converting them into proud companions - often after a few minutes - yes, everything is very fast and one almost only senses, that internal processes and concepts are the main factors here.

There is also a danger, that I will be associated with conceptions of esotericism. But that is not the case at all. On the contrary. My approaches go back very far into human history - in times, when esotericism did not exist at all.

Now on the subject here: In the traditional primal communities, to which I refer, women and men were completely equal, but their energetic forms of existence were like Jin and Yang differentiated.
In our world equality is only apparently given and the energetic origin and assignment of man and woman is blurred or completely gone. This leads to endless complications and misunderstandings.

The original ways of the woman to authenticity and wisdom are very different from those of the man. And being with horses basically only serves authenticity and self-discovery. That is, why being with horses for a woman or a man in the original sense is very different.

This complex is of course very important in my teachings and consulting. It is about existential questions of initiation and the maturation of each human being.
The symbolical, mythological and real horse did play historically a unique and very important role regarding these topics - but different than usually expected and generally known today." KFH