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General information concerning Klaus’ way of life-coaching and management (leadership) consulting: 
How do I get from a harassed to a really authentic, peaceful, strong and internally self-confident, dignified and responsible being and to a corresponding way of acting and leading ?
How do I find and experience my very own inner space of experience, perception and talents in accordance to my authentic destiny-path?


As engineer of communication, university teacher and successful best-selling author, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling has gained a major world-wide reputation for his very special, authentic and unique way of communication with all kinds of36. Extensive Coaching Seminarhorses, even wild and abandoned ones.
These abilities, which Klaus has consistently demonstrated over decades, he03-klaus-ferdinand-hempfling-the-kfh-way-horses-nature understands mainly as a proof of a generally grounded existence and of the possibility to generate comprehensive personal success throughout oneself, in a clear connection with one’s own life-destiny.
214Klaus’s life is rooted and frequently proved in the “real world” and he succeeds in anchoring people exactly there, in the here and now by proposing and explaining clear ways, to perceive and live one’s authentic life purpose always in harmony with everything that surrounds them.
The broad results:
It’s all about a holistic growth. For Klaus it is extremely important to emphasize that for all kinds of actions, approaches and challenges the first step is, to find the right key. With the correct distance and overview, this matching key can be found in a relatively short amount of time, to then bring immediately new structure, new orientation, new direction, in short: to create immediate success and change.
The goals:
  • Clearness
  • Precise and clear communication
  • Radiating confidence and trust
  • Groundedness
  • General clear and trustworthy acting
  • Decisiveness
  • Immediate checking of the general situations in all decisive aspects
  • Acting perseverant and quick
  • Sensing, perceiving and understanding the situation with the eyes of the counterpart
  • Acting coherent to the authentic necessities of the counterpart
  • Do what has to be done in accordance to this moment by following the stream of destiny
  • Being entirely authentic, natural, humble, happy and strong”

02. website renovation 02 -c - J 20-05-2016The questions, you may focus on in a coaching-session with Klaus are among others fundamental personal, societal and professional subjects like these:

  • To which extent has my life so far been moving within the frame of my individual, authentic personality?
  • Find your personal, societal, family and professional stand-points.
  • As what kind of person was I really born?
  • Did my life – and if, in which way – move away from my ‘birth-authenticity’?
  • Find a safe and secure way (back) to your authentic life-and destiny-path.
  • To which extent I realize and live my individual, authentic personality in relation to my gender – being woman, being man?
  • Recognize and explore your current structures of relationships and the authentic potential in them.
  • Recognize the true meaning of your individual life and find ways to adapt your current situation, towards your authentic life-planning.
  • Which abilities, qualities and individual talents belong to my individual, authentic personality?
  • Create an overview of your authentic, inner treasure of talents  and recognize the entire pattern of your qualities.
  • Which unconscious mechanisms, images and clichés have so far hindered me from really living my individual potential?

7At this point already one of our main offers regarding general coaching and consulting, personal development and genuine leadership:

KFH - One on One Farm Offers
Consult Klaus at one of his farms in a very idyllic and peaceful part of Denmark. Your authentic - experience - individual retreat.
Imagine: Klaus and his team are only and exclusively there for you, in a fantastic environment, focused on your general effectiveness and learning success.
Our 24/7 phone-hotline info-service will guide you during your voyage.

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The KFH Complete Coaching Week.
Life Coaching, Personal Development & Strengthening, Management Consulting & Genuine Leadership.
6-Days Farm-Package (all- 
inclusive). Our successfully proved complete package for more inner strength, clarity and authenticity.
Themes included or to choose from are: Personal Development, Life- and Business 
Coaching, General Social Stabilization, Genuine Leadership etc. These 6 days have proved very successful in order to reorganize, structure, and focus on clear individual, authentic goals and inner conditions.
2,5 hours/day one on one coaching with Klaus and assistants and 2,5 hours/day with assistants under the supervision of Klaus.
KFH Complete Coaching Week - 6 days
€ 24.000,- incl. accommodation, full-board and 25% VAT 
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