The 7 basic pillars of the KFH-World…

 …regarding Klaus’ being with horses

Not only for newcomers:
Here for you a background-introduction to understand the horsemanship of
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

In this post we would like to provide you a short overview of the fundamental background-characteristics of Klaus’ understanding of horses (in life). We have been collecting information from many different original sources.

09. website renovation 19-11-2015All these below described principles are valid and applicable for all horses – stallions, mares and geldings. Concerning Klaus’ teachings, it’s not necessarily about the ‘highest level of mastership’, but rather about the general shape, the direction and about the proper beginning.

Here, in this post, we are talking mainly about Klaus understanding of and being with horses. But all this is only thinkable in front of his background of general awareness, body-awareness, energy-strategies and, what he calls, ‘Fundamental Life Principles’ as a practical result of his quests concerning the ancient transmissions of our forefathers.
In the first clip below consequently you will also find keywords like:
Authentic communication,
energy, strength and mutual respect,
holistic balance of life,
genuine motivation through real bonding, and authentic, superior leadership.

06. website renovation 19-11-2015Another very important point should be mentioned at the beginning: Everything Klaus is doing with horses, is based on inner strength, body-awareness- and body-language and an 100% peaceful relation. As he has been demonstrating hundreds of times under theJan's Stallion - Day 1 (2014-08-04) - 01 eyes of thousands of spectators: however aggressive a horse might appear, however stubborn or abandoned – the unique transformation towards a calm, friendly, innocent fellow has always been achieved without the slightest signs of anything else than calmness, softness and peace.

The seven main key-characteristics of Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling’s unique Horsemanship:


In general it might be important to recognize, that Klaus is combining seven main characteristics to a unique whole of being with horses and each of these characteristics is more or less to find in all his activities with them. Let’s start with the first two characteristics which are

1. the entire freedom of the horse in all movements by leading, groundwork and riding

connected with the next main characteristic, which is

2. the collection and the upright posture of the free horse.

Please see, as an entrance, in the clip below, these two characteristics in a unique way combined:

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01. website renovation 11-12-2015The principle of the combination of the totally free on one side and on the other side simultaneously collected and perfectly shaped and upright horse by the means of body language has been a unique prerequisite for Klaus for the togetherness with horses from his first start – meanwhile 30 years ago. The first picture above shows him with one of his first stallions.

The next three clips to choose from, will give you some more detailed information regarding this, in the horse-world unique combination:

How the first steps towards the collected balance of the horse are looking like, you may see in the following clip:

The most viewed of our clips with more than 2.5 million clicks:

Another important fundament of Klaus’ work is

3. the immediate recognition of the horses’ character, state, outer and inner balance etc.

During his demonstrations and seminars he is always directing the focus to these first examinations, which are then determining already clearly the first steps of the first encounter, of the healing and the transformation of the horse. To provide a first entrance into this wide world of horse-recognition, Klaus has been creating his unique system of 26 horse-characters, explained in his book ‘ What Horses Reveal’.

The following clip is just giving you a short idea of this character-system:

One of the characteristics Klaus is especially known for, meanwhile in many parts of the world, is

4. the bonding, healing and the transformation during the first minutes of the first encounter.

Since this point is so important, describing and determining the beginnings of the horse-human relationship, we want to deal with it a little more closely :Klaus’ ability to transform all kind of horses, even the most aggressive, nervous, fearful and abandoned horses, during the first encounter into faithful and reliable fellows, did become meanwhile legendary.

The degree of bonding and connecting, sometimes already in minutes, between Klaus and all these meanwhile hundreds of horses, is one of the biggest surprises people are witnessing during Jan's Stallion - Day 1 (2014-08-04) - 30his demonstrations. Only during a live-performance one can fully understand and recognize, that between the horses’ performance of the ‘old behavior’ and the moment of change, there is practically nothing ‘in-between’. This also explains, that in so many clips these decisive moments are appearing in such a surprising way, that it seems difficult to believe, that nothing of the footage has been ‘cut out’.
The following clips for you to choose from, might give you already a  clear picture.

The first one is showing Klaus’ beginning of his so-called ‘Borderline Demonstrations’. We did find some interesting information about this case, which we would briefly like to share with you:
Klaus was called to the military stallion-breeding station in Barcelona and out of 500 stallions they were presenting him the three most dangerous and problematic ones. Regarding this event later he said:
“It was the first time that I did something like this and the night before I was scared like hell. The filming took place in the middle of
MS-19_1 38_031_BREthe production of a documentary regarding my work  and the publisher was pushing me to deliver some more really spectacular pictures, because they wanted to build up on the success of my first book ‘Dancing with Horses’. So they arranged this day in the military base, clapping on my shoulders with some friendly words like: ‘You’ll make it. If somebody can do it, then it’s you’. I said:
‘and if not?’ And they responded: ‘It wouldn’t be the biggest problem for us, because the successful book of a dead author is even selling better.’
The problem was that there was nothing properly prepared for me to work. As it can be seen with the 1000 kilo Breton stallion: all the journalists and soldiers are just standing around and there is not even the smallest fence in-between us. Finally I managed the transformation of these three stallions even in minutes and I think this was something like the real break-through of my carrier inside of the horse-world.”

This clip shows some of the scenes in the military stallion station:

These kind of demonstrations then did become practically the main part of Klaus’ activities with horses also during seminars. As it02. website renovation Diverse 24-11-2015 can be clearly seen in all these following clips: everything is based on his physical agility, on his expression of balance and inner strength and on his very special sort of charisma which obviously is not only recognized by humans, but also by the horses, which are reacting, regardless of their starting images, practically always in exactly the same way.
The point which is always fascinating the spectators is the fact, that the horses, only after minutes, are following Klaus in such a ‘hypnotic-like manner’ that he called this phenomena himself the ‘First Parallelism’.

03. website renovation PP 11-12-2015Klaus says about this First Parallelism:
“Without these first always equal and very clear reactions, nothing of what could be seen in the further development in my way of being with horses, would be possible. In these first encounters, practically everything is done – the lasting transformation and nearly all kind of leading- and lunging-actions are already safely anchored in the horses’ perception and expression.
In my explanations and teachings I’m trying to squeeze out all
thoughts and information about these achievements, but I am also always expressing clearly, that I myself do not really know what is happening in these moments and why the horses are reacting in this way. I never learned this. I just did it and the only real explanation in me is, that during my growth as a boy, separated from my family, living in the midst of the forest, something could be saved and developed, which is just causing these and other results out of the depth of something like an uninjured soul”.

If you like, here is a calm but significant example about the first encounter with a shy Arabian horse:

If you like here are two more clips in which Klaus is talking about the secret of the first encounter and the immediate and deep bonding:

Here you may find another example of a first encounter, in which an individual sequence is shown with a calm horse:

Last but not least: here you’ll find a first encounter with an untouched horse coming directly from the wilderness:

We could see: Already during the first encounter, Klaus is putting the important cornerstones into the relation towards the horse which then leads to

5. absolutely peaceful authentic dominance and confidence on the highest level. 

Here just some more examples also of his so-called stallion-training:

Based on all the upper mentioned characteristics, concerning the riding, Klaus is then consequently using his

6. always loose rein, Signal-Weight-Riding system – maintaining the collection and uprightness  

for the communication with the horse, by never losing the necessity out of sight, to maintain the horse’s collection and upright posture.

25YTAlso this seems to be at first glance a contradiction. It is practically everywhere shown, that a sort of collection and uprightness can only be achieved by keeping the horseKlaus riding Habanero - Habanero, Chief and Creak on pasture 01_FF_1 between pulled reins and spurs. Leaving the horse also during the ride on one side in his proper world of equilibrium and freedom and on the Habaneo Reiten erster Strandritt_FF_2 Zaunother side in his shape of collection and strong uprightness with a healthy carrying back and weight carrying hindlegs, guarantees the completion of MS II 22 _ 6 YT_END F88_BERT - Kopiethis unique system, which is from the beginning to the end having the wellbeing and the continuous increasing of physical and psychological strength of the horse in its focus.

The following clips may give you already a good idea of the practical realization of this concept:

Here an early example of the interplay between freedom, collection, strengthening and the completely free riding without reins:

7. The combination of all these characteristics with all the symbolical and historical aspects of the horse during millennia as a medium, mirror and general spiritual partner, Klaus is using in all aspects in his coaching and teachings regarding personal development.

SONY DSCOnly in this summarized context, Klaus’ real background, publications and daily activities are to understand, recognizing fully the aspect that he is understanding himself not mainly as a horse-person but as a life-coach and management consultant – using all the qualities and meanings of the real and the symbolical horse to incorporate this into his wide coaching sessions.

05. website renovation coachingOf course, no clip can be created about the actual coaching conversations and about the wide philosophical background. Concerning all this, MessagefrmtheHorseswe have to point towards Klaus’ book publications like ‘The Message From the Horse’ etc. Nonetheless, the following videos are dealing with some few of those background aspects, which can be, in certain ways, visualized.

With our thanks for your interest, we hope that we have been able to bring the horse-world of Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling some steps closer to you.

We are finally ending this article with the clip which is simply one of the favourites of the administrators of this website: