Klaus as special guest in your area or on your farm…

…among your horses and inside your individual sphere.
Watch Klaus working with your horses on your venue – your Horse in the Master’s Hand. Invite your friends, your colleagues, your guests.

Organize your own seminar or coaching session in your surroundings

Klaus is converting your horse into your personal teacher – facing your horses in their sphere. If you like – invite Klaus to your horses place and get an overall embracing check.

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With this offer you may realize a  direct access to Klaus’ teaching in your area. Maybe you are interested in organizing a seminar in your region, in your country.

Regarding horse-events: During this visit Klaus will describe the character of your horses. He is explaining all necessary details to start with and to continue. He is informing about the general state and situation of the horses, their environment and he is giving first aids and advice for the owner to understand his own behavior in regard to the reactions of the horse. In the Masters Hand the horse is changing towards his inner being and purpose, towards his authentic expression and destiny purpose. Klaus is immediately pinpointing the problems, the visible 109and those, which are hidden and latent. By healing them and by understanding them, by sharing his soul with the horse, by finding an immediate contact and bonding with them, the horse is flourishing and stabilizing immediately and will transmit this groundedness, this self-assuredness, joy, hope, strength, knowledge and positive life-mood towards the owner.

Klaus demonstrates and introduces his work during 5 hours with different horses. He will work with up to 2 to 4 horses/day.

people in the seminar - 04Also different types of coaching and consulting as described in the relevant section (Coaching and Consulting Offers) may be realized,

Klaus will be accompanied by one of his assistants and his office will organize his travel and accommodations close to your farm or venue in professional accommodation facilities. All this is included in the fee mentioned below. If you are going to apply for an undertaking like this, then please send us some explanatory information about you, your facilities , your ideas, your expectations and your background.

 KFH Abroad – Organize your own seminar in your country:

The fee is to be understood including all travel- and accommodation- costs for Klaus and assistant(s). 
The all-inclusive travel fee for Klaus and assistant(s) is between € 8.000,- and € 20.000 incl. VAT. depending on the travel- circumstances. 
Each event day will be billed with € 15.000,- incl. VAT and all business expenses.

Please arrange an individual date with us.

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