Horse-related questions directly to Klaus via phone (photos/video)

Pictogram tel 1 bearbEach horse is individual. What does this particular horse need? How to approach it in the best possible way?
The KFH Horse Characterization, general status-check and horse-buying-advice via phone
is based on your photos (5) or video and it is, in spite of the brevity, very comprehensive.

13It’s about the fundamental understanding of the horse’s nature, about genuine connection and communication. But it is also about general aspects of the keeping, the care for exactly this horse or about the feeding and questions concerning the horse’s health.

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To recognize a horse precisely is an important part of the secret of Klaus‘ work. With the option of this type of phone-coaching, you might benefit directly from Klaus’ experience and background, focused entirely towards your specific horse, your questions and your path towards a mutual connection.

Concerning the buying of a horse, this option has been revealed as extremely beneficial regarding a most positive and congruent matching between human and horse – taking all aspects and expectations in consideration.

Each horse is individual – of course. Based on a few pictures of the horse you would like to buy, Klaus will describe, what you may expect from the horse, where the weaknesses and strengths are, whether this particular horse suits you well and if so, how the work should be designed in the very important period of first approach. We should do all we can to make the right choice from the start.

The conversations are of course carried out by Klaus personally in English, Spanish or German. Please note that the horse should be at least 3 years old in order to make a reliable analysis.

KFH Horse Characterization, general status-check and horse-buying-advice via phone

30 Minutes € 400,-

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