Long-Term Offers & Educations with & without horses

“I find it absolutely incredible what I have learned already now during the first 8 weeks.
When Klaus brings the horses’ world closer to you, after a certain time you know, that you actually had no idea at all about horses – his observations and realistic views are so different – no matter if it is about the horse care, the characters, lunging or riding. And now I am already certain about one thing, that you should not approach the being horse without this knowledge.
What is also unique for me are the body awareness exercises. Before I started this education, I have been self employed trainer of movement for 15 years. I have taught all different kinds of movement and of all this there is more or less no exercise left. Now I am only doing the body exercises I have learned here. And since this my body is healthier, more straight-up, more flexible and a lot more relaxed.
I have already learned a lot about myself here and I have the feeling, that I am coming closer and closer to myself, through the precise exercises we get, to be able to approach the horses and life ever more strong, upright and authentic.
For me this is a first class school of life.”
K. – Gemany


Pictogram horse and humanKFH Equine Fundamental Initiation Retreat.
25-Days+ Farm Package (all-inclusive) You may come with your horse or you may work with one from the KFH-school-farm. This successful proved, compact and individual one on one program introduces you thoroughly into the themes of connected, authentic life and horses in general, providing deep insights with a huge amount of practical exercises with and without horse.
A very strong fundament to build on. Optionally and of course it's also about inner strength, clarity and authenticity, including themes like Personal Development, Life- Coaching etc.. 
2,5 hours/day one on one coaching with Klaus and assistants and 2,5 hours/day with assistants under the supervision of Klaus. 
KFH Equine Initiation Retreat - 25 Days: 
€ 70.000,-* incl. accommodation and full-board
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Authentic destiny tracking in theory and practice.
Genuine Grace, Joy & Strength of Life.
Study individually with Klaus and assistants about Fundamental Life Principles: 
One Month+ School Package (all-inclusive) (About the one year education please see at the end of this paragraph) 
Understanding symbols and tracking destiny and authentic life purpose. Profound study about Personal development, strength & energy in front of ancient transmissions from all around the world, researched by Klaus in particular over decades.
In front of the background of clear traditions, you are increasing your own contemplative attachment to fate. It is about original inspiration for yourself and as a genuine support for others. It is about certainty, a deep sense of present reality and the daily use of ancient transmissions converted into practical tools for your comprehensive success in daily life - instead of trial and error knowing clearly: this is my next step. This is where I want to go, this is where I have to go in accordance to my own destiny and life-reason. 
Authentic Destiny Tracking is always also based on reason, intellect and profound knowledge. It is always wisdom tracking and the increase of empathy and sensitivity. 
1 hour/day one on one coaching with Klaus and assistants and 1 hour/day with assistants under the supervision of Klaus. 5 extra hours with Klaus and assistants during the first week. In addition and included: many hours of pre-prepared teaching-footage.
If we don't know you yet due to former coaching sessions in person or online, then it should first be determined by a phone coaching with Klaus, whether prior the beginning of the actual training a preparatory schooling, online, by phone or at the farm, might be recommended.
Pictogram humanDestiny tracking in theory & practice - 1 Month+ School-Package -
25 schooling days 
€ 29.500,-* incl. accommodation and full-board
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Pictogram humanEach additional month -
25 coaching days 
€ 25.500,-* incl. accommodation and full-board
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Full education one year (300 days) -
Genuine Grace, Joy & Strength of Life:
This individual education is intended to provide the possibility of being able to support others  as authentic life-consultant from a deep inner certainty-level. 
1 hour/day one on one coaching with Klaus and assistants and 1 hour/day with assistants under the supervision of Klaus. In addition and included: many hours of pre-prepared teaching-footage.
Pictogram humanDestiny tracking in theory & practice
Full education one year -
300 schooling days
€ 270.000,-* incl. accommodation and full-board
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Your Pathfinders Quest -
The Ultimate Long-Term Wild Horse Experience.
One entire year (or in parts) on the KFH - School-Farm.
Your voyage towards deep initiation & mastership.
Be with a horse from a wild herd and form it together with Klaus from the beginning.Your premium Journey and Adventure Retreat.
An incredible adventure journey into the world of authenticity, genuine connectedness and practical personal development directly guided by KFH - with a wild, untouched horse, that may be yours if you like - selected in accordance to your individual personality and necessities.
You will spend several hours a day with one on one teaching by Klaus and his assistants. And you will find your way to this horse, to your inner strength, your destiny path, to your genuine inner balance.
Klaus will teach you about important secrets and traditions of our ancestors, show you, how to connect with your and your horses’ destiny, and to follow your authentic life-path. 


One year educational training one on one:
275 training-days: 2,5 hours/day coaching with Klaus and assistants and 2,5 hours/day with assistants under the supervision of Klaus.
Included in this offer is the selection of the wild-horse, the complete stabling and the independent use of the entire horse-riding facility during the whole year.

Pictogram horse and humanYour Pathfinders Quest -
One Year:
€ 850.000,-* incl. accommodation and full-board.
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