EDUCATIONAL-Theme 3: Fundamental Life Principles

Understanding and Tracking Destiny and Authentic Life Purpose, Personal Development, Strength & Energy in front of the background of ancient transmissions from all around the world studied by Klaus in particular over decades.

41. Extensive Coaching SeminarStriving for Harmony: Also the path towards the horse is symbolizing the path towards authentic life. It’s about the knowledge and the experience, to truly detect the traces of fate, to recognize, to feel them and to convert them into general success, fulfillment and authentic life, it is all about energy.

To revive these ancient paths, did become the main purpose in Klaus’ life. In his teaching concerning these issues, he is offering his knowledge and experiences on a very individual and direct level. It is about guiding and coaching yourself and others in a truly connected and authentic way: Understanding  original sources and symbols – live and experience them.

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Klaus has been forming his entire life and all his different forms of expression, including his being with horses, in front of the different transmissions of our forefathers.
Long before he met a real horse, he has been studying and investigating these ancient relations, symbols, languages, energies and timeless connections.

Our offer here: Learn directly from Klaus and assistants about the essentials of the authentic background of  Klaus’ work. Perceive and distinguish energies and learn how to deal with them, how to act and react in accordance to a general positive holistic outcome for private and/or business issues.

Some main topics: How unconscious patterns become conscious strength, Personal Development, Original Sources, Understanding Symbols and Signs, Destiny-Tracking.

Time for basic and authentic inner connections:

Klaus would like to give you the possibility, to first of all dedicate intensively and individually, focused and concentrated towards questions and themes like energy, personal development, communication on the first level, authenticity and coaching in general, life-purpose and deep inner joy and strength.

Of course the different themes will be selected, matched and ordered absolutely in accordance to the interest and necessities of the client – but one theme might nearly always accompany the coaching sessions: how to live an authentic and individual life in harmony with your inner talents, life-goals, life-dreams and individual field of activities, connected with the given realities of our modern world?

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