Educational-Theme 4: Authentic Leadership, Genuine Management and Holistic Success

The path towards the horses, originally expressed through the path towards knighthood, was mainly designed to understand and to refine the idea of genuine leadership towards the humans world in its highest understanding and culture. This is the path Klaus has always tried to revive, to teach and to express in his life.

This special theme addresses not only but mainly to those, who are in positions of higher and highest responsibility, who must get things moving, supervise and instruct people and nearly each moment make decisions or who are coaches, therapists or consultants themselves.

Practically everything Klaus is doing with horses is based on what he calls: Genuine Leadership. 

Deliberately and very consciously Klaus is calling his school a ‘School of Success’. Important in this regard: his definition of success is refined in a very special way. He is looking at success as something, which is including practically all aspects of authentic life. Only a sort of holistic success, which is including important parts of fundamental and sustained responsibility, humanity, authenticity, social relations, general harmony, friendship, general healthiness, groundedness and happiness on a wide scale for Klaus can be correctly named as ‘genuine success’.

It is definitely fair to say: Klaus is not going to waste any time and he will take you right to the core. It’s all about real life.

In each meeting with horses, Klaus is demonstrating exactly this again and again that the horse is just only mirroring and representing exactly all these inner values, structures and results: A finally happy horse is simultaneously radiating and mirroring peace, connection, trust, groundedness, relaxation, positive motivation, joy, enthusiasm, energy, authenticity, genuine leadership – simply a holistic success in matter and spirit.

22. Extensive Coaching Seminar

Some of the topics:

  • Leading on the track of destiny.
  • Understanding the authentic meaning of success in the widest range.
  • Becoming and being congruent and answering the question: how to believe oneself.
  • Crisis-management.
  • What does it really mean to be authentic and reliable?
  • Recognizing and scanning situations rationally and realistically.
  • How to find order and structure instantly?
  • Frequent and stable connection of inner condition, emotion and outer appearance.
  • Always certainty? Is weakness truly weakness and how does it become strength?
  • Action or withdrawal? How to separate? How to distinguish?
  • The certainty of the moment – leading as a sort of natural appearance.
  • The art of finding and making decisions in accordance to the time.
  • About the art of having time.
  • Changing from the harassed to the confidentially carried and supported.