Traditional saying: A man should become wise, a woman should remain wise.

"If we reflect the different ways of woman and man towards wisdom and authenticity in the sense of our ancestors, then we venture into one of the most important topics of humanity. Against the background of my research for decades, hardly anything is more meaningful to understand, than this basic theme. In my view, one can never really classify and describe the world and one's own being, if one has no principle knowledge concerning these fundamental phenomena.

But to really understand these traditions, it is important to know, that our world today ignores them widely. The knowledge, I am talking about, based on the most diverse traditions of different regions and times, is fundamental. And that's why it can generate tremendous insights which answers many fundamental questions of our daily life today.

In the end, it's all about simple questions and ties within human society and daily experience.

Different to our times, our ancestors considered the female gender as the stronger one. Are women still aware of this basic and fundamental strength today? The genuine path of the woman towards the authentic and strengthening gender-identification has practically been lost." KFH

An offer proposal concerning this topic:

The basic entrance-package for a comprehensive introduction to mythology, of very important original traditions, the authentic being as man and woman as such, in general relations and society, the genuine perception of the genders and, if relevant, the role of the horse in it.
“Peaceful horse-warrior” also stands here as a synonym for the conscious, adult-acting man in general.

The paths to the authentic self-understanding of man and woman were different in the sense of our ancestors. Such long-forgotten traditions are forming the basis for Klaus as coach and consultant as well as horse man.

Strongly recommended by Klaus for a comprehensive preparation and cognition based on basic knowledge of life for a better understanding of relationships, of one's own as well as of the other gender, of the dealing with fundamental conflicts within human relationships and, if relevant, the general being with horses as man or woman.

The basic topic of this package-offer is integrated in the other package offers below.

10 hours of footage in total, plus 5 hours in total with Klaus and assistant plus 5 hours  with assistants under the supervision of Klaus.
Basic Entrance Package - 3 days
€ 6.600,-* incl. accommodation and full-board