Personally from Klaus – The demanding of the time

2 February 2017:

Dear friend,
I do write to you myself today – (Klaus).
And this time it is a bit longer:

A few thoughts and suggestions about the situation of our time and also about changes in our company which are corresponding with the time at present. You will remember, that I wrote years ago about our present times using the picture of dark clouds rising – and they are getting more and more visible now for everyone.

Times are changing and it seems to be appropriate, to observe this changing consciously and with reason and to stay flexible oneself.

First and shortly about us: The conversion of Akedah International has essentially been completed, and I thank many helping hands for it. Our website is shining now in a new order and design, with a completely new program. And I thank you very much for your understanding, that such a rebuilding has to be re-corrected in steps and over many months. Certain familiar and very successful seminars had to be given up and to be exchanged with new opportunities and improvements.

Why a slow conversion now over months? Because everything has already and always been in the air (the dark clouds for example). It is the same with horses as with life: you may see things already before they are there, and that’s what I am talking mainly about in general.

19-wild-horses-for-site-30-09-16With great effort, we have transformed our business from a more stationary seminar-program to a light, very individual and flexible one on demand, mainly with one on one offers, which are also pretty much based on telephone, online and single farm teaching and coaching and more on fast schedule agreements instead of long-term dates – for good reasons, for good time reasons.
If we would have been starting now to re-organize our school, since everything is already so visible, so existent in the broad context, well, it probably would have been too late. Like with the horses: sense, what might come and move with the first beginnings. Simply take wise and reasonable actions in time, then you will go with the soft waves of destiny. And you never have to haste, to react in front of the pressure.

klaus-ferdinand-hempfling-when-a-touch-reaches-the-soul-02And that is what I mean, saying, to trust in one’s own destiny.
Destiny already clearly vibrates and is informing on conscious and sub-conscious levels, if nothing real is yet to be seen. I left my beloved Spain a decade ago – to live in a country, that is much stronger today, and still offers great security, where so much else around decays.
What do I want to say with that? Times, that put big pressure on our world-society as a whole are not easy for many people. What then has proved itself in the sense of wisdom? Just focus on what really matters to you. You have to let go of this and that what sometimes seems so pleasant to you, to preserve the essentials in your life and in yourself. Thus, the inner core of the personality and your family remains free and at the same time protected. So, what is important to you? What is to be preserved in you and in your circle? This is also about structure, order, awareness and certain boundaries. This quote from the I – Ging may also help:
“To become strong, a man’s life needs the limitations ordained by duty and voluntarily accepted. The individual attains significance as a free spirit only by surrounding himself with these limitations and by determining for himself what his duty is.”

Writing about dark clouds years ago, did bring me some harsh critics – “Do you want to scare us?” I did not and I don’t want it now. I sense it as my obligation to encourage those who are listed in our mailing-list from time to time, simply to stay awake and to contemplate in accordance to the demanding of the time.
Destiny is always giving signs – to each one of us. Keep being the observer, absolutely peaceful, calm, stay away from the crowd at any time – and realize, that life is always moving smoothly, is softly flexible and connected to the general changing. Then you will stay in the eye of the storm.
It is not about anxiety, but about caution and about those wise and reasonable measures, which translates sensitive observation in time into balanced action. Is it fair to talk about this now, to share my sensations with you? No doubt, times are dangerous and influential people are obviously lacking genuine and authentic responsibility – by the way in many places of the world.

06-klaus-ferdinand-hempfling-coaching-for-the-here-and-now-serie2What more do I recommend now? Become an observer who does not enter between the fronts, who does not interfere with those realities which only obscure each other. Become a gently acting one, always so timely and consistent within your own sphere of responsibility, that without agitation you are a clear example also for others.
Everyone has the gift of intuition. It needs silence and a withdrawn, peaceful and yet active spirit. The itself-forgetting world will be forgotten, there is nothing to change. But as long as you are remaining true to yourself, as long as you are faithful to yourself, destiny never forgets you. Observe the outside, recognize the inside and don’t forget the dreams, the pictures, the visions. If all this remains strong in you, then you will sense what is not yet to be seen, you will hear what is not yet to be heard, and you will act long before the itself-forgetting world catches you. Never be a tumultuous part of the itself-forgetting world.

With all respect and modesty – so far for today.
Thank you for your interest and trust and once again also for your understanding, if in our process of change just in the recent months, of course, some noisy movements and taken steps were noticeable.
This is now finished with the new program.
More than ever our school is at your disposal, more flexible, more individual with a wider program, better to adjust towards individual situations and necessities and in general reachable within quick-time ranges.
We laced our shoes and we had a lot of work with it, but also a lot of joy and new insights. And with all I would like to share this feeling today with you: Do what you can – in silence and inner conviction and above all with eternal confidence in your own perception, intuition and reason.
All the best,
Yours Klaus
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling