Quick, instant, easy and already very effective:

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Phone Coaching Offers: 
Quick, instant, easy and already very effective. For decades proved to be very helpful for immediate troubleshooting, a first analysis and consultation and for the continuation after direct coaching on the KFH-farm.

Klaus speaks English Flagge-UK Spanish  Spain and German Germany

Horsel Status Check and Characterization Titles v3

Pictogram tel 1 bearbKFH Horse Status-Check & Characterization. First troubleshooting & advice via phone based on your pictures or clips - also highly recommended in case of searching for or buying a horse. To recognize a horse precisely and to provide a general status check related to many details even just from pictures, is an important part of the secret of Klaus‘ work. It is about the fundamental understanding of the horse's nature, about authentic bonding and communication.What_horses_reveal_200 Each horse is individual. What does this particular horse need? How to approach it in the best possible way? 
Concerning the purchasing of a horse: Based on a few pictures of the horse you would like to buy, Klaus will describe, what you may expect from the horse, where the weaknesses and strengths are, whether this particular horse suits you well and if so, how the work should be designed in the very important period of first approach.
45 minutes € 750,-*
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Regarding general life- and business- and/or horse-issues.
Finding the next step and more essential orientation. You would like to incorporate the experience of Klaus into your life to focus consequently towards your next steps in life? Then this might be a very good way to start. In accordance to any kind of concern, you may book an appointment directly with Klaus. In a surprisingly short amount of time, life situations may turn towards more safety, fulfilment and happiness. Looking back on hundreds of phone coaching sessions, the general experience is, that during between 45 to 90 minutes, first general and important steps are already achievable and incorporated into daily life.
45 minutes € 750,-*
Customers who are already known, will be charged afterwards for the time spent during the calls. Appointment by phone or email
0045 - 61 34 79 49  or
0045 - 40 16 14 76
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Customers reflections:
"As a senior consultant and executive coach for many years, the one thing I know is that in order for me to be helpful to the CEO's, senior teams, and organizations with which I work, I need to live on the very edge of my perception, insight, and skill set. The more refined and effective I am, the more crucial it is to have a coach of my own who can assist me when I find myself stuck or unable to see clearly how to assist my clients.  Although I originally found Klaus as a person to help me with my horses, it only took me about 24 hours to realize that his wisdom and expertise with horses was directly rooted to the same wisdom that allows any leader to be effective.
 For the last 5 years, he has been the one person I know I can turn to when I need clear, very accurate and effective advice - and virtually all my calls to him are relative to my business needs as I have become very good at working with my horses.  And he is very expensive and worth every penny."
 P. - USA
Dear Klaus,
 I am reaching out to you to ask for a suitable time to continue our coaching session together. I do find myself in a much better state now. The immediate changes I could notice have been the following:
 Much better quality and intensity of my interactions with my boys.
 More time for myself, more relaxed, balanced and rested.
 Better sleep and dreams,
 Just happy with "where" I am now. I catch myself often surprised not to worry or being content "for no reason".
 I am looking forward to talking to you soon.
 Best regards,
 D.  - Australia

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Pictogram Information 1 bearbThank you for your interest in our offers and we hope, that you could find, what you were looking for.
Do you have questions?
Our info-service-team will be pleased to advice you quickly and just to the point regarding your individual situation and questions: We speak English, Spanish, German, Dutch and Danish.
Email: info@akedah-international.com
0045 – 61 34 79 49  or
0045 – 40 16 14 76
Important if you are writing us: We will answer all mails within two days. Please call us, if you have not received an answer, then there is a mistake in our rural server-system, thanks for your understanding.