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“To finally see reality, what a gift! No more myths and illusions, about horses, food, men and women, history, body works. To be reflected to have the chance to become authentic and pure, what a gift… Just stand it, take it and resolve it together with a man who is truly capable to do this. To go through this in the midst of people who are all going for the same is so special. This is what ultimate freedom means. Then true joy and happiness can enter and all that will remain is life in it’s purest form.”
K.-  Netherland
“Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling is not a «horsewhisperer», he does not appreciate roundpens, playing games, “sending away” or the so-called “join-up”. If anyone has the need to put a label on this man and what he does, then they’ll just have to go watch (even better, participate) and decide that for themselves. Personally, I have never seen a natural horseman like him.”

Organize your group and visit kfh Offer title

Pictogram talking 2 bearbSmaller and bigger individual groups at the KFH - school-farm.
Practical and economic: Come with your family, club or your self-organized group (3-50 part.) to the KFH-School and choose your themes.
This offer makes an economic visit to Klaus and his school possible for your individual group of 3 up to 50 participants. Recommended group size is 3 to 15 participants. Since the seminar costs are shared by the number of participants, the stay becomes more and more economical with the increasing number.
Here a short calculation example: The daily rate is: 4.500,- Euros plus 25% VAT. The group receives 6 hours of lessons per day (4 hours of lessons directly from Klaus together with assistants and 2 hours of tutorials by his assistants under the supervision of Klaus). For each participant 150,- Euro per day will be charged. This serves all costs including 17. website renovation 02 -b - 18-05-2016accommodation and full board. With a group size of 10 participants for example, a total of 600,- Euro per day for each participant, plus 25% VAT - makes in total incl. accommodation and full board: 750,- Euro / day / person.
The theme or themes can be proposed by the group itself. Such a group seminar can be booked from 1 to 14 days. Accommodation will be for groups up to 7 participants in single rooms, up to 14 in double rooms.
The school has its own gym-hall, a pub, a small restaurant and very cozy lounges. Important: Only the group leader or group organizer will book at Akedah International. Therefore we will have contact with only this one person in advance.
Of course, a one-on-one lesson is much more focused on the needs of a single person. But Klaus has decided to offer this form of group seminars, since the participants can already define clear topics, already know each other before, or may get to know each other in beforehand.
Concerning this offer Klaus is particularly interested in the fact that already existing groups, families & kids, clubs or friends-circles may have a life schooling event with him in a practical form, easy to carry out and especially economic.
This offer can also be of interest to company managers, teachers, instructors, therapists, coaches, etc., since they can visit Klaus together with their employees, pupils or clients, and then continue the training they have started in Klaus' school.
Farm-Offer for smaller and bigger groups:
The daily rate is: 4.500,- Euros plus 25% VAT. The group receives 6 hours of lessons per day (4 hours of lessons directly from Klaus Pictogram horse and humantogether with assistants and 2 hours of tutorials by his assistants under the supervision of Klaus). For each participant 150,- Euro per day will be charged. This serves all costs including accommodation and full board.
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Family, Kids and Horses. KFH Equine Basic Retreat - Special.
10 Days+ Farm Package (all-inclusive)
How to start right? When children choose for horses, many questions often arise for the whole family. How does it all work in the sense of an original context and, above all, how the youngster succeeds Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling and Habanero - 100 percent non-violence lighterand remains secure on the one hand and on a high ethical level on the other hand. How can the youngster control such an animal in complete peace and non-violent? How does the whole thing really remain joyous and safe and without frustration? This theme contains a very high responsibility for all parents. Klaus provides a broad background of all important aspects in theory and practice. These topics may also be very helpful in the general understanding of family and social coexistence. Principle considerations and coaching for the general being within the family can be involved. You may come with your horse or you may work with one from the KFH-school-farm. Parents come to this event together with their child/children.
Basic-offer for two people - usually only accommodation (single room) and catering costs (full board) will be charged additionally for extra participants.
2,5 hours/day coaching with Klaus and assistants and 2,5 hours/day with assistants under the supervision of Klaus.
Family, Kids & Horses - Basic Offer for two people (only accommodation and full board will be Pictogram horse and humancharged additionally for extra participants):
€ 29.800,-* incl. accommodation and full-board
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Kids with horses - What Horses Reveal lighter 03Inviting Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling 
Coaching, Analyzing, Instant Troubleshooting, Mentoring & Healing. Also for speeches, smaller or bigger group-seminars and professional events:
14-12-2015 website renovation 04Klaus as special guest on your farm - among your horses and inside your individual sphere: Watch Klaus working with your horses on your venue. Invite your friends, your colleagues, your guests.
Klaus may convert your horse into your personal teacher – meeting your horses in their sphere, in their surroundings. You will get an overall embracing check, direct practical coaching and teaching concerning your upcoming questions.
Maybe you are even interested in organizing a seminar - with this offer you may realize a direct access to Klaus' teaching in your area.
During this visit Klaus will describe the character of your horses. He is explaining all necessary details to start with and to continue. He is informing about the general state and situation of the horses, their environment and he is giving first aids and advice for the owner to understand his own way of communication mainly also non-verbally in regard to the reactions of the horse. 
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling and Harmon - 100 percent non-violence S2Klaus is immediately pinpointing problems - if existing. By finding an immediate contact and bonding with the horse, it is flourishing and stabilizing immediately and will transmit this groundedness, this self-assuredness, joy, hope, strength, knowledge and positive life-mood towards the owner.
Klaus demonstrates and introduces his work during 5 hours/day with different horses if wished. He will work with up to 2 to 3 horses/day.
Klaus will be accompanied by one of his assistants and his office will organize his travel and accommodation close to your farm in professional accommodation facilities.
All this is included in the fee mentioned below. If you are going to apply for an undertaking like this, then please send us some explanatory information about you and your facilities.
Klaus as special guest just for you or maybe together with colleagues, friends, family or club-members in your area or directly on your farm among your horses and inside your individual sphere. The all-inclusive travel fee for Klaus and assistant(s) is between:
€ 8.000,- and € 20.000 incl. VAT. depending on the travel- circumstances. 
Each event day (5 coaching and teaching hours) will be billed with € 15.000,- incl. VAT and all business expenses, accommodation etc..
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Understanding deeply our present times and react authentically, coherently & properly. 
9-Days Seminar: 21-30 July 2017
A connected energetical, historical and societal view on the world at present, based on researches of KFH over decades and combined with very practical suggestions, in dealing with oneself connected with the world as such - also and especially in our present times.
The theme of this seminar appeared as a proposal in response to a newsletter written by Klaus. Klaus later asked in another newsletter, if such a seminar was actually desired. The reactions were huge and all very positive. The description below is taken directly from the text, that Klaus formulated for his letter:

"With such a seminar, I would go back to my real roots. Because my path did begin in reality in relation to these general questions, even towards the horses. The symbolic horse always stood for a central and authentic connection to the events and demanding of the day in the sense of the familiar, authentic dealing with the world. But in order to develop trust, I have to grasp the world, perceive it holistically in my own view, describe it and compare it with my visions and dreams and ultimately explain it to myself. This seminar talks for the first time about all this in a complete way.
I am comparing life-events with the flight of an arrow. If you know, where it was first shot and in which direction, then you also know, where it is going to land in the future. Chaos in personal- as well as in world-affairs has a cause, has a beginning. Therefore: Recognize the connection between mind and matter and recognize the direction in which the event is moving.

In such a seminar I would mainly summarize all my basic-researches and offer them as a compact event. We talk about very fundamental material. It is about the great view, as I could find it in life (and as a consequence in the togetherness with horses). In fact, times now are so much running on the edge, that we have come to the decision, to propose such a sensitive seminar to you."

If you like, you'll find here Klaus's newsletter, which became the trigger for this seminar.
Understanding deeply our present times and react authentically, coherently & properly: 21 to 30 July 2017. Seminar fee:
€ 5.950,- incl. VAT.  

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