Long-term and very intensive: Be with a horse from a wild herd and form it together with Klaus.

04. Wild Horses 05-08-2016

Or we arrange a training in parts.

the Path towards Oneself
and the Wisdom of Nature

04-klaus-ferdinand-hempfling-the-kfh-way-libertyFriendship with the native. Becoming one with a horse from a wild herd.
Back to innocence and wisdom of nature. Your premium journey and adventure retreat.


An incredible adventure journey into the world of authenticity, genuine connectedness and practical personal development directly guided by KFH – with a wild, untouched horse that may be yours if you like, selected in accordance to your individual personality and necessities.

klaus-ferdinand-hempfling-your-initiation-journey1. The one year-option of the great Path:

You will find a young wild stallion together with Klaus and live with him one year in the KFH school-farm. After this year you may take this stallion with you home, if you like. Then it is yours. Or you leave him as a school-horse on the farm, with Klaus and his assistants, perhaps because you already do have horses at home. Together with Klaus and his assistants, you will train this young wild horse to become a riding horse and teacher in the sense of KFH and in according to his peaceful and earthed criteria.


These 10 basic criteria are:
– Rooted in ancient wisdom

– Collected riding on a loose rein
– Instant bonding and healing
– Upright, balanced and collected at liberty
– Comprehensive success in life
– Connecting body, spirit and fate
– Recognizing each horses’ true nature
– Personal development in front of horses
– Trusting harmony from the very beginning
– Tracking and connecting with destiny

You will spend several hours a day with teaching by Klaus and his assistants. And you will find your way to your horse, your inner strength, your destiny path, to your genuine inner balance. Klaus will teach you about all secret, hidden and forgotten and by him revived traditions of our ancestors, show you, how to connect with your and your horses’ destiny, and to follow your authentic life-path. There is no guarantee, it is your way, your  genuine quest.


2. The sequence form of the great Path:

Of course, the upper mentioned form 1 is the more straight one, the more cohesive. But this is only possible in certain situations. So you also do have the opportunity, to spend the time in sequences on the KFH-farm. In content, everything is as described in the description above. The stallion will remain in your absence on the farm with Klaus and his coworkers and in particular in his stallion-herd, until your quest-time and path is successfully done. How such a schedule may look, that will be discussed individually.

22. Wild Horses 09 (pictures) 30-07-16Find a horse with the best inner and outer qualities.

10. Wild Horses 09 (pictures) 30-07-16An untouched being from the wilderness.

37. Wild Horses 09 (pictures)Learn from Klaus the entire way.

A form of initiation of the most special kind. Weeks and months that will anchor and center you.



Sir-Robert-18Some of the wild horses are shaped in a very nice way to become marvellous riding horses. These horses are absolutely untouched. Nothing of any kind of bad 26a. Wild Horses 09 (pictures)experience is in them. They are pure and absolutely innocent.
So you are starting together with Klaus with this young horse 88to go through a very special form of education and experience. And like this the horse is bonding, being touched for the first time and is peacefully and still only with positive experiences gliding into a being and life as a riding horse.

Remember about yourself and find your own innocence, authenticity, nativeness, inner balance, contentment, simplicity, positivity, directness and deep inner honesty, by connecting with a pure being, which could preserve all this – and finally consolidate as much as you just can in both of you.

To do and to try this, you are living together with the horse in a form of a sabbatical on one of the KFH school-farms for a period of one entire year or for several shorter periods.

Right and already here: please understand, that this is a very special offer, which definitely needs a coherent financial and social background. It is meant for those, who would like to go this special path of initiation and of being reminded of and supported in the inner status and genuine personality togetherness with Klaus and one of these genuine pure souls.

21. Wild Horses 09 (pictures) 30-07-16Your ultimate education regarding horses, authenticity and life.

About the untouched horses: The difference is nearly indescribable. These horses are so deeply resting inside of themselves and are then being supported and strengthened from this genuine platform through the absolute authentic form of connecting in the way of Klaus. The first participants have been witnessing this and they were deeply touched and widely moved. This innocence, softness, sweetness in their behaviour, this sensitivity and this blank, pure soul without all the drama of current ways of breaking in the horses.

Selected by Klaus:

The vast majority of wild living horses are not really suitable for riding. Klaus is selecting these 09. Wild Horses 09 (pictures) 30-07-16horses in the highest quality regarding the best riding-shape and character-skills. And most important, this horse then has to match with 21. Wild Horses 09 (pictures)the new owner. There are very few horses, which are fulfilling these requirements – and Klaus will find yours. Have again a look at this wild and magnificent exemplar: perfect character, squared shape, short back and, and, and: simply one of the best horses, Klaus ever met.

01. Wild Horses 05-08-2016

Pictogram tel 1 bearbIf you are interested in this offer, please contact us at one of these phone-numbers:

0045 61 34 79 49
0045 40 16 14 76
You will be served in English, Spanish, Danish or German.  

Some more pictures:

28. Wild Horses 05-08-2016

40. Wild Horses 09 (pictures)

23. Wild Horses 09 (pictures) 30-07-16

52. Wild Horses 09 (pictures)

24. Wild Horses 09 (pictures)






04. Wild Horses 09 (pictures) 30-07-16

61. Wild Horses 09 (pictures)

58. Wild Horses 09 (pictures)


01. Wild Horses 09 (pictures)