First easy access through phone-coaching and online one on one meetings directly with Klaus

There are different options depending on your situation, your goals, your general background and also on your planned financial input. Our offers range from telephone coaching to individual one on one online offers to you visiting one of our school-farms in Denmark - even for long-term educations. It is also possible, that Klaus is visiting you at your place.

One way to start has been proving as very recommendable: To begin with an Online-Day.

This form of individual one on one teaching and analyzing has proved to be very effective and at the same time already very personal - and comfortably to realize from your home. 

After the analysis of your individual situation, the themes will be determined and then explored together with Klaus, incorporating all kinds of photos, drawings and footages. If it is first about the togetherness with horses, then photos and videos of your own horse are taken for a first very thorough analysis of your general situation.

This one on one online meeting may also deal with fundamental and genuine life-contexts and with significant contents for an always clearer processing of individual internal relations and social connections in your life. It will be a complete learning experience in the individual, direct and personal contact with Klaus. He speaks English, Spanish and German.
Also, a KFH-phone-coaching (general status check) is already very effective, quickly to arrange and economical.
If there are clear problems in bonding and cooperation with your horse, it is best, to visit Klaus for one or more days on his farm. Already in the first encounter, Klaus will center your horse and you will learn to connect better with it.
A one on one KFH-equine basic program will be individually provided for you, if you are staying 10 or more days at the KFH-school-farm. You may come with your own horse or the school provides you with one.
Our long-term educations are focussing either more on fundamental life-themes and issues or combining the being with horses.