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All our long- and short-term offers
refer to individual one to one encounters, private lessons and consultations directly with Klaus, accompanied by his assistants.
Please make your individual appointment.
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Phone Coaching Offers - CCv2

Pictogram tel 1 bearbQuick, instant, easy and already very effective. For decades proved to be very helpful also for immediate troubleshooting, a first analysis and consultation.

Finding the next step and more essential orientation:
You would like to incorporate the experience of Klaus into your life to focus consequently towards your next steps in life? Then this might be a very good way also to start with. In accordance to any kind of concern, you may book an appointment directly with Klaus. In a surprisingly short amount of time, life situations may turn towards more safety, fulfilment and happiness. Looking back on hundreds of phone coaching sessions, the general experience is, that during between 45 to 90 minutes, first general and important steps are already achievable and incorporated into daily life.
45 minutes EUR 750,-*
Customers who are already known, will be charged afterwards for the time spent during the calls. Appointment by phone or email
0045 - 61 34 79 49  or
0045 - 40 16 14 76
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KFH Online Offers CC

Very comfortable from your home and yet in direct, intensive and individual one on one contact with Klaus.
Individual Analyzing and Coaching, Important General Basics. Recommended especially for a first thorough analysis of your general situation and for your individual progressing.
This special theme addresses also and in particular those, who are in positions of high responsibility or who are coaches, therapists or consultants themselves.
The themes of these online coaching- and consulting-offers are as wide as life-themes at all might be. 
The main aim is to improve and secure your personal qualities in dealing with employees, colleagues, private and business relationships significantly.
After the analysis of your individual situation, the focus of this day will be determined and then explored together with Klaus.
This one on one individual online day may also deal with fundamental and genuine life-contexts and with significant contents for an always clearer processing of individual internal relations and social connections in your life. Also very significant for the authentic understanding of gender relations and social ties.
Some more keywords about optional contents:
How safe and balanced is my life?
What are the main questions at present?
What problems can be resolved immediately and quickly?
What about my general social and human bonds?
How much do I live my own and authentic life also in concerns of life-purpose, balance, general education, self-expectations?

Online one on one direct connection with Klaus per Day (2,5 hours)
EUR 3.400,-*
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Consult Klaus at one of his farms in a very idyllic and peaceful part of Denmark.
Klaus and his team are only and exclusively there for you, focused on your general effectiveness, experience and learning success.
Already on a single day different topics can be addressed, analyzed and directed to first clear and practical solutions.

Optional Topics for one or more days:

Concerning Life Coaching, Personal Development, Management Consulting & Genuine Leadership: Already thorough analysis of your general situation concerning your individual progressing. For more inner strength, clarity and authenticity. This01-klaus-ferdinand-hempfling-coaching-for-the-here-and-now-serie2-sharp meeting may incorporate private, social and business themes and addresses also those, who are in positions of high responsibility or who are coaches, therapists or consultants themselves.

Concerning Wellbeing, Energy & Body Awareness:  The KFH Body-Awareness-System is the physical basis for Klaus' way of life and for his success concerning his being with horses.
02. Dancing Without Horses - Heal Yourself Deeply 02 PICTURES 17-05-2016 brighterIt is adjustable in stages and immediately strengthening and healing for each level and age, proved in daily life and radiates successfully on many important levels.

5 hours of individual coaching/day in total – 2,5 hours directly with Klaus and assistants and 2,5 hours with assistants under the supervision of Klaus. 
KFH Intensive Coaching 
Total fee per day incl. accommodation, full-board and 25% VAT:  
EUR 4.250,-
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The basic entrance-package for a comprehensive introduction to mythology, important original traditions, the authentic being as man and woman as such, in general relations and society, the genuine perception of the genders and, if relevant, the specific role of the horse in it.
The term “Peaceful horse-warrior” also stands here as a synonym for the conscious, adult-acting being in general.
Also long-forgotten traditions are forming the basis for Klaus as coach and consultant as well as for his successful and unique way of being with horse.

Among these backgrounds is this: The paths to the authentic self-understanding of man and woman were different in the sense of our ancestors - Practically everywhere in the world and at all original times. The study of countless ancient sources led Klaus also in this regard on the way he is representing today. He is concerned with these enormously important fundamentals also in his teachings. 

Strongly recommended by Klaus for a comprehensive preparation and cognition based on basic knowledge of life for a better understanding of relationships, of one's own as well as of the other gender, of the dealing with fundamental conflicts within human relationships and, if relevant, the general being with horses as man or woman.

The basic topic of this package-offer is integrated in the other package offers below.

Further general information concerning this topic can be found here - please click. 

10 hours of footage in total, plus 5 hours in total with Klaus and assistant plus 5 hours  with assistants under the supervision of Klaus.
Basic Entrance Package - 3 days
EUR 8.450,- incl. accommodation, full-board and 25% VAT

Subtitles Headers Farm Offers leadership and personal development

The KFH Complete Coaching Week.
Life Coaching, Personal Development & Strengthening, Management Consulting & Genuine Leadership.
6-Days Farm-Package (all- 
inclusive). Our successfully proved complete package for more inner strength, clarity and authenticity.
These 6 days have proved very successful in order to reorganize, structure, and focus on clear individual, authentic goals and inner conditions.
2,5 hours/day one on one coaching with Klaus and assistants and 2,5 hours/day with assistants under the supervision of Klaus.
KFH Complete Coaching Week - 6 days
EUR 24.000,- incl. accommodation, full-board and 25% VAT 
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Organize your group and visit kfh Offer title

Smaller and bigger individual groups at the KFH - school-farm.
Practical and economic: Come with your family, club or your self-organized group (3-50 part.) to the KFH-School and choose your themes. This offer makes an economic visit to Klaus and his school possible for your individual group of 3 up to 50 participants. Since the seminar costs are shared by the number of participants, the stay becomes more and more economical with the increasing number.
The theme or themes can be proposed by the group itself. Such a group seminar can be booked from 1 to 14 days. Accommodation will be for groups up to 7 participants in single rooms, up to 14 in double rooms.
The school has its own gym-hall, a pub, a small restaurant and very cozy lounges. Only the group leader or group organizer will book at Akedah International. 
This offer can also be of interest to company managers, teachers, instructors, therapists, coaches, etc., since they can visit Klaus together with their employees, pupils or clients, and then continue the training they have started in Klaus' school.
Farm-Offer for smaller and bigger groups:
The daily rate is: EUR 5.750,- incl. 25% VAT. The group receives 6 hours of lessons per day (4 hours of lessons directly from Klaus together with assistants and 2 hours of tutorials by his assistants under the supervision of Klaus). For each participant EUR 195,- per day will be charged. This serves all costs including accommodation, full board and 25% VAT.
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Authentic destiny tracking in theory and practice.
Genuine Grace, Joy & Strength of Life.
Study individually with Klaus and assistants about Fundamental Life Principles: 
One Month (one year) School Package (all-inclusive) 
Understanding symbols and tracking destiny and authentic life purpose. Profound study about Personal development, strength & energy in front of ancient transmissions from all around the world, researched by Klaus in particular over decades.
In front of the background of clear traditions, you are increasing your own contemplative attachment to fate. It is about original inspiration for yourself and as a genuine support for others. It is about certainty, a deep sense of present reality and the daily use of ancient transmissions converted into practical tools for your comprehensive success in daily life - instead of trial and error knowing clearly: this is my next step. This is where I want to go, this is where I have to go in accordance to my own destiny and life-reason. 
Authentic Destiny Tracking is always also based on reason, intellect and profound knowledge. It is always wisdom tracking and the increase of empathy and sensitivity. 
1 hour/day one on one coaching with Klaus and assistants and 1 hour/day with assistants under the supervision of Klaus. 5 extra hours with Klaus and assistants during the first week. In addition and included: many hours of pre-prepared teaching-footage.
Destiny tracking in theory & practice - 1 Month School-Package -
25 schooling days 
EUR 48.000,- incl. accommodation, full-board and 25% VAT
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Full education one year (300 days) -
Genuine Grace, Joy & Strength of Life:
This individual education is intended to provide the possibility of being able to support others  as authentic life-consultant from a deep inner certainty-level. 
1 hour/day one on one coaching with Klaus and assistants and 1 hour/day with assistants under the supervision of Klaus. In addition and included: many hours of pre-prepared teaching-footage.
Destiny tracking in theory & practice
Full education one year -
300 schooling days
EUR 435.000,- incl. accommodation, full-board and 25% VAT
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Inviting KFH - CC

People in seminars - 118Coaching, Analyzing, Instant Troubleshooting, Mentoring for private, societal and business-issues. Also forspeeches, smaller or bigger group-seminars and professional events.

Klaus as special guest in your individual sphere:
Each event day (5 coaching/teaching hours) will be billed with: 
EUR 15.000,- plus EUR 3.750,- VAT, including all business expenses, accommodation etc..
The all-inclusive travel fee (both ways)
for Klaus and assistant(s) is between:
EUR 8.000,- and EUR 20.000 incl. 25% VAT.
Calculated according to the time consumption, travel circumstances and travel  costs.Booking button - 01
*Concerning VAT:

The shown fees are the invoice amounts for customers from outside the EU and within the EU for companies and business-customers. For  private not-business-citizens within the EU 25% VAT is charged.

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0045 – 61 34 79 49  or
0045 – 40 16 14 76
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