Ensuring Positive Outcomes: How to find a competent and trustworthy partner for life coaching and consulting – why KFH?

Seeking advice or life support from a professional requires a level of trust and willingness to share essential aspects of one’s inner world.
It also means being open to setting aside one’s intuition and deferring to the guidance of the counselor. However, if the consultant lacks the highest level of competence and presence, negative inputs can overpower the individual’s intuition filter, leading to worse results than if the decision had been made without the consultant’s input.

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KFH, a world leading coach and consultant for personal and professional growth, drawing on years of expertise in communication science and unique horsemanship

An insight into the unique, free play with a stallion who had only spent two weeks in training with Klaus. (4.5 M views):

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling is a globally respected coach, consultant and bestselling author, known for his expertise in both personal and professional development.
His success and competence is also rooted in his exceptional work with horses, which has honed his skills to a high level of excellence.
Klaus has developed a unique and innovative approach to horse bonding and transformation that includes and highlights the potential for interaction and communication in human and social contexts.

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Why KFH’s unique background in horsemanship makes him this
Special and globally successful consultant for life and management issues

Comments on Klaus’ work – from ‘Horses for Life’ Magazine (More than 1.5 M views):

Horses are highly sensitive animals that can pick up on even the slightest changes in a person’s energy or mood,
making them a powerful tool for developing emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

KFH’s way of communication with horses requires a deep understanding of body language, emotions, and non-verbal cues, skills that are equally important in communicating with people.

Recognizing the reality that horses can be extremely judgemental and dangerous,
Klaus has developed his elevated level in body-and spiritual awareness, ensuring his safety in all encounters with horses. This real-life experience and expertise is invaluable to his clients and sets his approach apart from other copy-paste systems.

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Spectacular early example of charismatic interaction –
KFH in one of his unique borderline demonstrations with aggressive stallions:

It was precisely in these that his basic ability to deal with interactions of any kind in a remarkable way was shown.
Charisma, physical and mental presence and the instantaneous recognition of a given situation convinced hundreds of horses in minutes and seconds. Our personalized approach, led by Klaus, draws also on his unique and innovative approach to horse bonding and transformation, which highlights the potential for interaction and communication also an especially in human and social contexts. 

Finally for horse-interested:
More about KFH
regarding his premium and groundbreaking horse-path

It is not just another equestrian program but a world-embracing role-model and a unique and holistic approach to life- and horsemanship that can have a profound impact on the lives of both, horses and riders. 


Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling has a unique approach to horsemanship that is in contrast to many traditional equestrian programs
which focus primarily on training horses for specific disciplines such as dressage, jumping, or racing. KFH encourages riders to approach horses with a calm and centered mindset, and to be aware of their own body language and energy.

KFH also emphasizes the importance of understanding the horse’s natural instincts and behavior patterns.
Rather than trying to force horses to conform to a human idea of what is “correct” or “good,” KFH encourages riders to work with the horse’s natural tendencies and preferences, allowing them to express their own unique personalities and talents.

In this way, KFH’s approach to horsemanship is not just about training horses.
It is about creating a partnership based on mutual respect and trust, and allowing both horse and rider to reach their full potential.

The Transformative Power of the
“KFH Dance”

Developed by KFH, this groundbreaking approach is designed to promote the horse’s health, balance, and strong physical presence. Through complete freedom of movement and collection, the horse is able to align itself both horizontally and vertically, unlocking its natural power and psyche.

But the KFH dance is more than just a physical practice.
By becoming a trusting role model, mentor, and motivator to the horse, the human and horse are able to develop a deep, non-verbal form of communication that seems almost magical. It’s a transformative experience that has been witnessed by thousands in KFH’s live demonstrations, and has been published worldwide in KFH’s first groundbreaking book, “Dancing with Horses.”

So why the „KFH dance“?
Because it’s not just a technique or a training method – it’s a philosophy. It’s about creating a deeper, more connected relationship between horse and human, one that is based on mutual respect, trust, and understanding. And for those who are willing to invest in their horsemanship and themselves, the „KFH dance“ is just a physical expression of that philosophy.

Klaus is known worldwide for his absolutely non-violent handling of horses, for his unique work on the ground and for his collected loose-rein-riding

A Selection of Clips about the Work of KFH:

Klaus has dealt intensively with questions of human communication,

with many traditions of our forefathers and he has been working as a consultant for decades. However, he became known worldwide for the application of his life principles in a unique way to horses. Here is a first introduction of his unique work at liberty and thanks for more than 6 million views on this clip.

Clip about Klaus’ spectacular beginnings 30 years ago,

his work with extremely uncontrollable stallions and his unique way of confronting them with pure body language and inner clarity and thus returning them to their real being in minutes. One example of many for the general handling of challenges in general life:

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Coach & consultant in personal relations, business and society and one of the most renowned horse-experts of the world