21-Days Travel Core Adventure
Destiny Journey Scandinavia
The Secret Art of Destiny Tracking

Experience a transformative 1200km Karavan journey from Denmark to Norway’s stunning fjords.
Join 7 adventurers, visit KFH farm, and immerse in archery, human nutrition insights, and more. Embrace ancient wisdom for modern living. Beyond all else, the essence of this expedition lies in the shared experience of an age-old principle—of navigating the currents of destiny in a coherent and rational manner. It’s an inherent connection bridging modern existence with humanity’s foundational principles. A singular encounter orchestrated by one of the most distinguished consultants and coaches.

Starting date: 3rd of August
Ending date: 23rd of August
Total fee, incl. 25% VAT: Euro 24.000,-

5 Sublime-Energy-Activities
7-Days Practical Personal Development & Comprehensive Adventure-Analyse
The dynamic potential of the subconscious – fascinating, practical experience at the highest level

Experience KFH’s 7-day program:
5 Sublime Energy Activities – a journey to unlock subconscious potential. Elevate yourself with KFH’s unique, transformative approach. The KFH Game-Changing Energy-Quest Is a Unique and Comprehensive Program that offers participants the opportunity to engage in five sublime KFH-energy-activities, designed to help them connect conscious and subconscious with their bodies and minds, improve their physical and emotional well-being, and achieve overall personal success.

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7 Days Practical Personal Development and Adventure-Analyses by up to 5 KFH-Sublime-Energy-Activities:
6 hours/day individual training and coaching by KFH
Generally we carry out the 5 Energy- Activities with only one participant. Energy Activities 2 and 3 are always and only carried out with one single participant.
Total fee, incl. 25% VAT: Euro 98.000,-

The complete mastery package – 14 individualized skill clinics
An enduring legacy of wisdom & understanding
Tailored for those who strive for excellence

Embark on an Unprecedented Journey of Transformation and Mastery with KFH’s Complete Mastery Package.
This exclusive 2-month program brings together a curated collection of Individualized Skill Clinics, each designed to elevate every facet of your life. Guided by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling’s unparalleled expertise, you’ll delve into diverse domains, from understanding our world’s intricate tapestry to mastering leadership, navigating high-stakes scenarios, embracing AI’s impact, nurturing holistic wellness, and much more. With breaks between clinics for reflection, personalized guidance, and the wisdom of a lifetime, you’ll emerge empowered, enlightened, and equipped with a rare toolkit for success. Join us in rewriting your life’s narrative with Mastery Pathways.

45 days of Individualized Skill Clinics
With break days in between
Total fee, incl. 25% VAT: Euro 300.000,-

3 Months
KFH Exclusive Equine Excellence in Theory & Practice – you may participate with your own horse
A groundbreaking tailored program
Experience the profound impact of genuine connection with horses

Since his first bestseller “Dancing with Horses”, which literally overnight made Klaus a star, the author established himself around the world through various unique characteristics of his being with horses.
Charisma, physical and mental presence and the instantaneous recognition of a given situation convinced hundreds of horses in minutes and seconds. It is becoming increasingly clear to a growing global audience that a completely new, unique path—a whole new approach—has been discovered. When interacting freely with the horse, Klaus guides the completely unrestrained animal into a form of collection and uprightness that becomes a permanent part of the horse’s reality. Klaus’s method of communicating with horses requires a deep understanding of body language, emotions, and non-verbal cues.
Tailored Immersion:
This immersive program is an opportunity to work closely with Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling and his profound understanding of equines, authenticity, and personal mastery. Over the course of three months, you will engage in focused training sessions, encompassing 3 hours each day, 3 days a week. The program is designed to be intensive yet balanced, giving you the space to reflect and practice on the days between Klaus’s guided sessions. Through a series of comprehensive exercises and practical applications, you’ll not only enhance your horse skills but also unearth hidden layers of your own potential.
New Beginnings: You may attend with your own horse but – participants start with a horse provided by Akedah International. Klaus works with the horse during the initial period, ensuring it returns to its natural state. This approach sets the stage for a fresh, neutral connection with the participant.

Program Overview:

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Frequency: 3 days a week
  • Training Hours: 3 hours per day together with KFH

General terms:
36 training days
With break days in between
Total fee, incl. 25% VAT: Euro 315.000,-


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Coach & consultant in personal relations, business and society and one of the most renowned horse-experts of the world