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Some optional topics:

Does life go on? Definitely, just different. But how for you personally and for your family?

How do I deal with the circumstances personally and in my specific situation – in private life, professionally and economically?

How can I best secure myself in my personal situation now, how can I adapt best and in which way can I continue to plan and oversee my future?

How can I best assess, secure and possibly reorganize my financial situation?

Some information and thoughts about the current situation and a presentation of a new YouTube clip:

Start now: Strength from Within – Body and Mind

The here introduced clip is an inspiration for you also in times of crises. A fundamental guideline for every day but especially for difficult times like now. Inspiration and motivation for a positive outlook and outcome.

Regarding the general economic and political situation of existing at present in a fatally stricken general environment: the main thing is, that the individual follows clear, inner principles that are basically unaffected by outer fate. Inner strength and outer physical balance and firmness together, clarity and unimpressed, uninfluenced motivation combined are always stronger than outer events of fate – be them made by people, or broken in uninfluenced. 

At this point again important for your understanding:
My work is characterized by the fact, that all imaginable areas of life are included in the field of the vision of the analysis. Even in a telephone consultation, I try to immediately grasp the whole picture of one’s life situation. The advice given will then focus on what is most obvious, what needs to be straightened out first.

In my understanding, however, social, physical, mental and organizational life structures always belong in a coherent context. In the following, we are talking about some specific areas which are standing out in the current situation of our everyday reality in these weeks:

In the end, everything is finally always about your personal psychological and physical condition. A thoroughly solid, self-contained and stable organism will deal with everything that touches it more comprehensively, relaxed and protected. So, that’s always something you can do, you should do, at any time by the way.


Constancy can be created

The outside conditions are coming, going and changing and sometimes appearing more threatening and sometimes less. With and within yourself, however, constancy can be created, you can create constancy yourself, which creates positive and strong conditions for a continuous progression of your life or at least will significantly increases the likelihood of it.

It is not just a matter of waiting, leaving yourself to the outside world in exhaustion. It’s not about getting excited or outraged. It is about starting with you and within yourself on the long lever that you always have inside of yourself: to strengthen, improve and stabilize your inner and outer state and with this your overall existence and future.

Here are just a few pointers for you:

The difficulty: what really helps and what only hurts and diminishes in the end? When do vitamins help, when do they harm? When does which physical exercise help and when does it do significant damage? Here are just a few pointers for you:

– What helps, helps just now and immediately. Do not trust anything or anyone who points you to a distant future, makes you suffer and challenging right now. Your intuition and your body will recognise a positive support in seconds – so trust it and stop the wrong in time.

– What helps is usually very old and has been tried and tested for generations and is perceived over centuries as very effective. Therefore, be very careful when something appears very new, is presented ideologically and as a kind of personal invention and idea.

– What helps is never a myth like that of vitamin C for example – and just for example: Follow the path of vitamin C and you will end up in the young past with a simple sales trick. In truth, clearly too much of vitamin C significantly weakens your immune system and does the opposite of what you want it to do.

– Pretty much the same goes for many physical exercises. In one part of my professional life I am in a confined space with extremely massive acting stallions in a sort of emergency procedure and I have to remain unharmed, bringing the huge animal to my side within minutes. Most physical exercises that are sweaty and supposedly muscle building actually weaken the body in a fatal way – horses recognize that immediately and my chances would be zero.

In the video below you can see the mind and spirit that has been carrying out my type of physical exercises over decades.

Everything is gentle and always in a flow. Never overwhelming, never accidental, never hectic, never bones, tendons and joints stressful and above all: always pleasant, joyful, harmonious, connecting everything together, body, mind, soul and life and the joy of life in general and as such.

A reminder regarding the Corona-situation itself:

Corona is a virus, i.e. an organic entity, that cannot continue to exist on its own. It needs a ‘means of transportation and copying’ – a host, you for example. Such an attempt, to find a host, happens with and in us practically without interruptions. Our immune system protects us from the fact that viruses can create illnesses and can weaken us, the same with Corona. So everything depends on our immune system. But this can be strengthened for example by:

– Reasonable nutrition – balanced, no sugar, good measure, chew well and eat slowly, original dishes that should always taste good, cook over real fire if possible, as in grandmother’s time. All of those here only as examples (this in addition from me: I am not a raw food lover at all, on the contrary. I also stick to our ancestors here, who actually linked all types of food with fire first. Of course, there would be much more to say about this).

– A proper, authentic handling of your body, good movements and exercises. The video below may be an inspiration.

– Avoiding all kinds of stress.

– Harmonious and calm, life-friendly and peaceful environment.

– Positive thoughts geared towards a creative, authentic and always joyful life with the awareness that there are always solutions for everything.

– The immune system experiences a real boost through deep joy, through deep ‘joie de vivre’, through the feeling of an essential meaning in life and the perception of the ‘inner right to live this individual life’, yes of vital necessity, of the sensation: ‘I am decisive at the place where I am’.

Know: A damaged immune system can be started up again within 24 hours! Our body is a service package of nature unparalleled. Let’s just use it in its most optimal form – that’s essentially all what it is about.

– So everything is about the path of the middle, of reason and to rely on what is proven and revealed as really functional and successful. It’s about inner strength, which is then shown in all your expressions of life, and will simply protect you.

All the best to you –

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

A new online offer regarding these topics you may find here. 

New clips: Do something now! – Strength from Within – Prepare for Life and Horses

How to reach your life-goals – Exemplified by ways of clay shooting

Find your authentic and harmonious lifestyle, your very own life-tasks.
Recognize and realize your own talents.
Increase your inner peace, strength, balance and leadership-skills.
Learn how to best move and nourish yourself in the healthiest and most effective way, how to best maintain your interpersonal relationships.
If time, interest and the financial background are allowing it, you may take the royal path of initiation and personal development through a KFH long-term education in connection with horses.

“His wisdom and expertise with horses is directly rooted to the same wisdom that allows any leader to be effective.”

More than 50% of Klaus’ clients are professional coaches and consultants themselves. This reflection explains some reasons:
"As a senior consultant and executive coach for many years, the one thing I know is that in order for me to be helpful to the CEO's, senior teams, and organizations with which I work, I need to live on the very edge of my perception, insight, and skill set. The more refined and effective I am, the more crucial it is to have a coach of my own who can assist me when I find myself stuck or unable to see clearly how to assist my clients.  Although I originally found Klaus as a person to help me with my horses, it only took me about 24 hours to realize that his wisdom and expertise with horses was directly rooted to the same wisdom that allows any leader to be effective.  For the last 5 years, he has been the one person I know I can turn to when I need clear, very accurate and effective advice - and virtually all my calls to him are relative to my business needs as I have become very good at working with my horses.  And he is very expensive and worth every penny.

Learn from and let yourself be helped by a globally successful man

who proved it all also through his unique togetherness with those beings who are by their authentic nature called to examine people: the horses.

What is required, achievable and learnable?

Solid qualities of character and uprightness, inner balance, peace and strength, reliability, authentic communication and efficiency, coherence, a fine sense for time, space, general energy and the needs of the moment, – simply a life in the here and now, that brings the moment to bloom and one’s entire life to general prosperity .

Welcome to our website

It is our pleasure to connect you with
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling,

graduate engineer and communication scientist, life-coach,  management-consultant and mental-coach for top athletes, author of international bestsellers and one of the most renowned horse-experts of the world with his focus on nonverbal and non-violent communication and holistic development.

Here, for further orientation, just a perception of a journalist, after attending a live-performance with Klaus;

“Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling is not a «horsewhisperer», he does not appreciate roundpens, playing games, “sending away” or the so-called “join-up”. If anyone has the need to put a label on this man and what he does, then they’ll just have to go watch (even better, participate) and decide that for themselves. Personally, I have never seen a natural horseman like him.

Having to fend for himself as an abandoned child at a very young age meant survival by any means. Later in life he researched mythology and lectured on it. In mythology, the horse is present everywhere and eventually he decided to go and interact with this animal face to face. This led to his period of living in the Spanish Pyrenees studying herds of wild horses.

He has purely evolved his natural capacities of instinct and intuition to see and feel the truth of what is happening around him.
You will leave his workshops with an incredible amount of food for thought and you will never approach horses in quite the same way again.” HORSES FOR LIFE (The entire article)

Klaus once said about himself and his work:

“In the eyes of our ancestors, certain qualities of life are not divisible,

for example: happiness, trust, life-success, authenticity, clarity, joy, connectedness, life-purpose and meaning. All this should always cover one’s entire person and life. Only against this background, my work as coach and consultant and my being with horses can be fully recognised.

Since decades I work as life-coach and management-consultant

also and beneficially against my broad background of authentic experience with horses and their true nature.

But I’m not a horseman, not a rider in the common sense,

though I first became known concerning my special being with and teaching about horses, based on inner strength, body-language, immediate bonding and 100% non-violence.

04. website renovation - 14-11-2015 - the teacher

Basically, the questions of authentic human culture

have driven me during my life and finally, historically and energetically motivated, also to the horses. And the peaceful and highly sensitive contact with horses then only brought me ever closer to the fundamental questions of human beings and their way of life.

In my daily practice, sometimes the emphasis is more on the teaching of being authentically with horses

and sometimes more or exclusively on the general understanding of how to live as a grounded and adult person, who clearly has his genuine purpose and life-goal in mind – concerning personal, societal or business issues.” KFH

How does Klaus see and experience

his relation to life and horses and his general work as coach and consultant?

Here below you may find further short information about Klaus’s work and being, accompanied by telling images and clips.
lease enjoy.

1. The pioneer, the explorer, who lives and shares the wisdom of ancient cultures, nature and fate

Klaus is a role model worldwide in the horse-world, regarding a novel, revolutionary being with horses, a revival and further development of ancient and forgotten principles which he successfully transfers to all questions of life as a worldwide acting coach and consultant.

The way of dealing with horses by Klaus, also as a symbol for life in general, shows unique innovations and advancements. The following clip shows some of them ( 1.300.000 views)

2. Personal strength, awareness and identification

The heart of Klaus’ work is focused towards the mental, social and physical presence and development of the human being – to enhance his general personal awareness and identification.

Also his worldwide successes as a book author, in association with his unique horse experiences and communications serve him as a basic background for his general teaching and coaching, as well as his decades-long studies of ancient traditions of originally living tribes and cultures.

The astonishing handling of stallions

3. “Replace the word horse with life.”

Klaus says: “Bring just a horse to me, that rejects everything and fight with everybody, and I will show and prove to you in minutes, that it is not the horse, but that it is your way of action and life, that makes the horse appear the way it does. And now replace the word horse with life, then you may imagine, what I do as a coach and consultant and why I am doing it.”


Instant behavior correction

4. The New Dimension

5. The power of inner awareness and charisma

6. Success through inner and outer balance

7. In focus: the holistic success, related to all decisive aspects of life

8. The book that went around the world

9. Trust, harmony and connection – happy, strong and expressive appearance of the free horse

10. A true school of life

11. Immediate mutual and deep understanding – Immediate behavior correction

12. True collection and balance on a loose rein

13. Unique feature: collecting and strengthening horses in plain freedom

14. Generally important: The long-term and responsible foundation

15. The very highest form of personal development, self-mastery and initiation

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