A life shaped by success,  cultured experience and the power of  personality,
The thorough understanding of seeing beyond the Surface:
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personal, business, social and public issues

"Your thoughts and actions, your movement and food should be your medicine. Through mindfulness training, connect the gifts of your reason and your conscious mind with the powers of the subconscious. These are your tools, and some of the words of our ancestors, on the path of constant self-renewal and comprehensive success. This keeps you at the peak of your strength. Everything depends on the power of your personality - and so everything is in your hands" KFH

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling (KFH) is not a typical consultant;

he delves deep into the core, exploring the essence of each issue while maintaining a broad overview, recognizing the connections, the different interactions. It’s this ability to grasp the bigger picture rationally and intuitively, while at the same time focusing on significant details, that enables him to provide real, effective solutions immediately – the next, very practical step towards positive change. Klaus is someone who knows life inside out – to your complete advantage. Don’t waste valuable time!

Positive effects are felt almost immediately

In his consulting practice, the principle applies, that the positive effect is felt almost immediately in the life of every client. His extensive knowledge, including of communication, his study of human origins and his long-standing, tried and tested intuition enable him to navigate the complexities of life, identifying, whether it’s toxic relationships, past traumas, environmental influences or work-related stress factors, etc. that are affecting you, your success and your basic happiness in life.

Proven Track Record Spanning: 30 Years
International Bestselling Author
Over 10.000 clients from 40+ countries and 6 continents
1.8M followers on facebook


at Akedah International Denmark…

• …are guiding individuals and organizations toward their genuine identity, positive communication and values, implementing precise and practical principles across various areas of expertise.
• … are guiding our clients toward breakthrough solutions, catalyzing visionary and solution-oriented thinking and action.
…are navigating complex crises including for high-net-worth individuals with our proficiency in immediate handling urgent and critical matters.
…assist you in orchestrating significant personal and professional transformations, creating realizable, sustainable harmony and transparency within individuals and their environments.
…are focusing on leadership development, clearly understandable and implementable.
…are guiding individuals and organizations towards integrated and holistic success and a higher level of living with our expertise in fostering meaningful connections between individuals and their genuine goals.

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Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling’s extraordinary journey

began with an unconventional upbringing in the forest, separated from his family, where survival necessitated a relentless pursuit of the core essence. This early environment instilled in him the value of efficient learning and identifying, what truly matters. He rapidly built a wide foundation of knowledge and skills. Already this early experience forced him to develop a profound understanding of life. Over decades of practice, he developed the ability to transfer this wealth of knowledge to his clients’ solution requirements with the greatest precision.

Philosophy & Contemplation in Action

Klaus completed his studies as a communication engineer by the age of 20 and embarked on a teaching career, sharing his expertise with professionals and eventually on a university platform (Academy of Art & Design Dortmund/Germany) already by the age of 25. What sets him apart is his ability to integrate diverse disciplines, drawing upon his unique background and life experiences to create a holistic approach.

Globally recognized & unique:
KFH’s approach to horse bonding and transformation,

which serves as a metaphor for interaction and communication in human contexts.
World bestselling – KFH’s DANCING WITH HORSES:
• The non-violent revolution in the horse world for three decades.
•  The probably only real 100% non-violent alternative to existing riding methods and therefore trendsetting.
•  Familiar harmony from the start – A path to harmony with the goal of zero frustration on both sides.
•  Collected body- and balance-focused riding on the hindquarters at loose reins.
•  Character- and personality-forming basic structures of partnership.
By sharing his insights and experiences, Klaus empowers individuals to enhance their communication skills, leadership qualities, and personal development in the most direct way.

An insight into the unique, free play with a stallion who had only spent two weeks in training with Klaus. (4.5 M views):

Avoid career setbacks and significant damages through timely action

Throughout history, we have witnessed how small decisions and actions can lead to devastating consequences. Prominent individuals and large corporations alike have been plagued by dramatic collapses that could have largely been avoided with minimal effort and intervention. But even precarious situations can transform into new opportunities: It is about intervening as early as possible to prevent disastrous career setbacks and damages. 

Swift analysis and effective solutions in critical cases.
It is astonishing how few thoughtless or misinterpreted words, statements, or actions can sometimes have a very negative impact on a person’s entire life. KFH is the reliable point of contact for swift and effective assistance for managers, politicians, decision-makers, and indeed any organization or individual facing a genuinely or seemingly difficult or even hopeless situation.

Gain new perspectives
and always turn the tide towards the positive

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Happiness and fulfillment:
Making the most of your resources and means –
We understand the complexities of wealth & success
KFH elite consulting for high-net-worth individuals:

As a successful and wealthy individual, you have achieved a great deal in life. However, success and wealth can often bring with it a unique and unexpected set of challenges and concerns. You may feel a sense of emptiness or lack of purpose, despite having everything you could possibly want. You may struggle with balancing your work and personal life, or finding true happiness and contentment. Klaus will help you, to uncover your innermost desires and redefine success on your own authentic terms – finding balance, authenticity, and a coherent sense of identity, helping you tap into your full potential, leading a life of happiness, purpose, and fulfillment.

A mythic fiction novel

Please enjoy our first official book trailer:

Please click here for the German and Dutch versions of this trailer.

The initial edition of “Nomads’ Lore” will be published in English, German, Dutch and Danish. More translations will follow.
Please click here to pre-order your copy of “Nomads’ Lore”.

In this captivating journey, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling invites readers on a journey of profound cultural depth, adventure and transformation.

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4 Basic consulting offers
BSC Leadership Excellence Program
Overview Individualized Skill Clinics
2 Mastery Retreats

• KFH Phone Consulting & Troubleshooting
from the comfort of your own space

Already through phone calls ranging from 20 to 60 minutes, Klaus has provided direct assistance to countless people across the world in times of difficulty. Consult on nearly any human challenge or problem regarding private, social and corporate issues.
More information and booking

• KFH Coaching & Consulting in-person
Meet Klaus at one of his farms/seminar centers (DK) or on tour

Tailored Coaching for Personal Growth, Professional Excellence, and Authentic Leadership
Choosing between in-person and phone coaching depends on your specific needs and preferences. While phone coaching offers flexibility, in-person coaching with KFH amplifies depth, connection, and hands-on learning that enhance your coaching journey.
More information and booking

• Mentorship for Professionals
(Coaches, Consultants, Therapists and More)

As a coach, consultant or therapist, sometimes you encounter complex cases, that require a fresh perspective and expert guidance. Klaus will provide you with tailored solutions and next steps. Ensure you’re equipped to handle challenges that arise in your work. Professionals from around the world may access Klaus’s expertise via phone consultations or in person. They may view the consulting sessions as a collaborative learning opportunity, where they can actively engage with Klaus to gain a deeper understanding of their cases.
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• KFH:
Your Personal Executive Manager (PEM)
protecting your interests

As your Personal Executive Manager, KFH becomes the external mind and muscle you need to navigate life’s complexities. The onboarding process starts with a deep understanding of your specific situation. From crisis management to lifestyle optimization, KFH’s expertise ensures a renewed sense of clarity and control. We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and discretion.
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• BSC Leadership
The most advanced KFH leadership excellence program-system
Balanced, Structured, Compact

What sets the BSC Leadership program apart:
Our BSC Leadership program distinguishes itself from the superficial and ineffective shortcuts often found in existing leadership programs. Our program offers a holistic, balanced, and structured solution for any type of organization – business, private, social, public.

By fostering transparent communication, and promoting personal development at all levels, the BSC program aims to provide a well-rounded leadership development experience by focusing on both personal development and clearly marked and shaped organizational structures, recognizing, that effective leadership encompasses various skills and qualities – presented and conveyed in detail on the basis of the Communicative Principles of KFH.
Detailed information and booking

Introducing our KFH Individualized Skill Clinics:
Your Personalized Path to Expertise

Elevate your learning experience with our innovative approach: Individualized Skill Clinics. These exclusive sessions transform fundamental KFH seminar themes, offering the freedom to book appointments based on your availability.
Enjoy flexible learning tailored to your pace, whether you participate alone or with your individual group of up to 7 individuals (at the same flat cost).
Benefit from personalized one-on-one guidance that aligns with your unique journey and needs.
Immerse yourself in chosen seminar topics, customize your path, and deepen your understanding.
Join us in revolutionizing learning. Embrace the personalized expertise of Individualized Skill Clinics to ignite genuine motivation and interest on a journey that’s uniquely yours.

• Successfully Navigating
Today’s Reality
Demystifying the Past to Decode the Present

Individualized Skill Clinic 1 (3 Days) – Booking by individual appointment.

Have you ever pondered how the world arrived at its present state? Navigate societal complexities and global evolution. Explore deep historical threads and weave insights to comprehend our interconnected past and present. Illuminate your general and deep understanding as a starting and developing point for your future.
Booking – by individual appointment

• Fundamental Principles of Genuine Leadership & Holistic Success Skills
The Art of Communication & Excellence

Individualized Skill Clinic 2 (3 Days) – Booking by individual appointment.

Empower Leadership Excellence: Elevate personal and professional growth with KFH’s expert program. Gain communication mastery for daily practice and emergency, special goal design, proven stress management, and more for comprehensive success and genuine leadership – born and developed to mastery from real life practice.
Booking – by individual appointment

• Thriving in the limelight –
KFH’s guide to public presence
Strategies for crisis management, media mastery & decision-making in High-Pressure Scenarios

Individualized Skill Clinic 3 (2 Days) – Booking by individual appointment.

Excel Under Pressure: KFH’s Skill Clinic equips leaders to navigate high-stakes waters with indispensable and real manageable techniques, everyday processes and facts. Master controversies, challenges and far too often repeated mistakes  with high professional insights and strategies. Emerge stronger and more resilient.
Booking – by individual appointment

Please find many more Individualized Skill Clinics:

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2 KFH Mastery Retreats:

7-Days Practical Personal Development & Comprehensive Adventure-Analyse:

5 Sublime-Energy-Activities – The dynamic potential of the subconscious 

Experience KFH’s 7-day program: Experience KFH’s 7-Day Program: 5 Sublime Energy Activities – A Journey to Unlock Subconscious Potential. Experience KFH’s unique, interdisciplinary approach. This groundbreaking Energy Quest is a unique and comprehensive program, that offers participants the opportunity to participate in five KFH sublime energy activities designed to help them connect conscious and subconscious levels with their body and mind, improve their physical and emotional well-being, and achieve overall personal success.
Detailed information & booking – by individual appointment

Three Months
KFH Exclusive Equine Excellence in Theory & Practice – you may participate with your own horse
A groundbreaking tailored program
Experience the profound impact of genuine connection with horses

Since his first bestseller “Dancing with Horses”, which literally overnight made Klaus a star, the author established himself around the world through various unique characteristics of his being with horses.
Charisma, physical and mental presence and the instantaneous recognition of a given situation convinced hundreds of horses in minutes and seconds. When interacting freely with the horse, Klaus guides the completely unrestrained animal into a form of collection and uprightness that becomes a permanent part of the horse’s reality. Klaus’s method of communicating with horses requires a deep understanding of body language, emotions, and non-verbal cues.
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Email: info@akedah-international.com

0045 – 61 34 79 49
0045 – 40 16 14 76

Coach & consultant in personal relations, business and society and one of the most renowned horse-experts of the world