Principles of genuine
human nutrition –

Adapted to the diverse needs of children

• Duration: 3 days
• 3 hours in total with KFH
• 12 hours in total with an assistant
• You may participate alone or with your individual group of up to 7 individuals (at the same flat cost).
• The contents taught in Clinic No. 14 are in general incorporated

Total fee, incl. 25% VAT: Euro 12.000,-

Children are immersed in a sea of influences, especially when it comes to their diet.
This raises two fundamental and crucial questions:
1. What defines the essence of a human diet
when considering all the facts, and what are the essential principles for genuinely beneficial food preparation?
2. Sustainable and enduring aspects of children’s lives cannot be built upon strict prohibitions and regulations.
Such an approach often breeds resistance and protest. As parents and caretakers, it is vital that we offer something that children accept willingly and enjoyably. Can this be achieved through a sugar-free diet, for instance? Absolutely—this clinic demonstrates, among other valuable insights, how it can be achieved! Furthermore, the contents taught in Clinic No. 14 are of course also in general incorporated.


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