KFH’s Equine Excellence in Theory
Explore KFH’s Unique approach to the world of and being with horses
Follow a wide and in-depth excursion by the world-renowned horse legend

• Duration: 5 days of theoretical background without practice
• 18 hours in total with KFH
• You may participate alone or with your individual group of up to 7 individuals (at the same flat cost).

Total fee, incl. 25% VAT: Euro 45.000,-

Since decades, Klaus is influencing and inspiring not only the horse scene.
Since his first bestseller “Dancing with Horses”, which literally overnight made Klaus a star, the author established himself around the world through various unique characteristics of his being with horses. In his work, Klaus combines the image of the classically shaped high school horse with the unique experience for horse and human, to achieve all this authentically by meeting and acting unrestrained and to bind this way closely together, developing in the softest way an always peaceful, harmonious dance in the most wonderful posture of elevation, uprightness, and expression.

Charisma, physical and mental presence and the instantaneous recognition of a given situation convinced hundreds of horses in minutes and seconds.
It is becoming increasingly clear to a growing global audience that a completely new path—a whole new approach—has been discovered. This path has been tested over decades and proven time and again with countless horses. According to many of those who have witnessed his work, Klaus has discovered the “royal path” to horses, a path that also translates into daily life practices and overall holistic success.

Klaus often manages to connect with horses deemed problematic within minutes or even seconds.
This connection holds true with mares, geldings, or stallions even in unfenced, completely natural settings. In these moments, something special occurs. Klaus combines various characteristics of horses in a way that appears to be impossible. When interacting freely with the horse, he guides the animal into a form of collection and uprightness that becomes a permanent part of the horse’s reality. The horse, in its relationship with Klaus, feels as though it is part of a whole herd in its natural environment, thriving in both its personality and physical form.

Klaus’s method of communicating with horses requires a deep understanding of body language, emotions, and non-verbal cues. Acknowledging that horses can be extremely judgmental and potentially dangerous, Klaus has developed a heightened level of bodily and spiritual awareness, ensuring his safety in all interactions with horses.

Furthermore, Klaus’s approach is rooted in the belief that the initial milliseconds of an encounter with a horse are crucial.
His work is also deeply influenced by centuries-old cultural traditions. Throughout history, kings, leaders, and significant figures have been depicted on horses in heroic and glorious ways, reflecting their inner strength, responsibility, and leadership skills.

The concept of knighthood, which honors distinguished individuals with the title, has its roots in this tradition of equine-assisted leadership and character development.
Klaus is the first person in modern times to have revived these ancient practices, breathing new life into the tradition of horse-assisted personal development for the benefit of all involved. His unique approach to training is a harmonious blend of science, art, and intuition, creating a personalized experience that brings out the best in both horse and rider.

In this exclusive 5-day clinic, we delve deep into the enthralling world of Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling’s revolutionary approach to horsemanship.
While the Individualized Skill Clinic does not involve direct interaction with horses, participants will embark on a profound exploration of the theories, principles, and insights that underpin Hempfling’s remarkable work. His methodology is about fostering mutual respect and trust, allowing both horse and rider to express their unique personalities and talents. Throughout the clinic, you’ll uncover the hidden wisdom behind Hempfling’s unparalleled work with horses, from recognizing the inherent essence of each horse to problem-solving during the first encounter.


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