KFH Coaching & Consulting In-Person – 1 Hour:

Total fee, incl. 25% VAT: Euro 2.800,-

KFH Coaching & Consulting In-Person – 1 Day:

• 3 hours of direct engagement with Klaus, followed by a 2-hours debrief and outcome assessment with assistant.
Total fee, incl. 25% VAT: Euro 8.000,-

Consult with Klaus at one of his farms/seminar centers (DK) or on tour – Tailored Coaching for Personal Growth, Professional Excellence, and Authentic Leadership
In addition to our special multifaceted events and our 15 Intensive Skill Clinics, which are always carried out directly with Klaus, you have the opportunity to work regarding your very personal concerns directly with Klaus in person. Choosing between in-person and phone coaching depends on your specific needs and preferences. While phone coaching offers flexibility, in-person coaching with KFH amplifies depth, connection, and hands-on learning that enhance your coaching journey.

The KFH Intensive Coaching Day for example provides insights, strategies, and a personalized roadmap for your ongoing growth.
This immersive session is designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of your unique situation, leading you towards greater inner strength, clarity, and authenticity. KFH’s expertise spans diverse realms, making this offering suitable for a wide spectrum of individuals seeking transformation and advancement in various aspects of their lives.

Whether you’re navigating personal challenges, seeking clarity in professional endeavors, or aiming to amplify your leadership skills, KFH’s Coaching & Consulting Day offers invaluable guidance.
This opportunity is particularly impactful for those in high-responsibility roles, such as executives, entrepreneurs, public figures, as well as professionals in coaching, therapy, and consulting.

We recommend considering in-person coaching when:

  • Complex and extensive issues demand in-depth exploration and contemplation. In-person coaching allows for thorough discussions and analysis, leading to comprehensive solutions.
  • In-person sessions enable a profound and immediate connection between you and Klaus. Non-verbal cues and body language enrich the coaching experience.
  • Practical exercises benefit from being physically present, accelerating learning and personal growth under Klaus’s guidance.
  • Klaus’s farms and seminar centers provide a serene backdrop, fostering focus, introspection, and transformation.
  • In-person sessions allow for spontaneous discussions and responsiveness, tailoring the session to your unique needs.
  • An immersive coaching encounter focuses intensively on your personal development in a transformative environment.
  • For topics involving nuanced communication or emotional processing, in-person sessions enhance understanding through non-verbal cues.


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