Mentorship for Professionals
Consulting Excellence for Coaches, Consultants, Therapists and More

20 Minutes Consultation Via Phone:

Euro 400,-
For EU customers plus 25% VAT

KFH Coaching & Consulting Mentorship for Professionals In-Person – 1 Hour:

Total fee, incl. 25% VAT: Euro 2.800,-

KFH Coaching & Consulting Mentorship for Professionals In-Person – 1 Day:

• 3 hours of direct engagement with Klaus, followed by a 2-hours debrief and outcome assessment with assistant.
Total fee, incl. 25% VAT: Euro 8.000,-

More about KFH mentorship for professionals:

As a coach, consultant, or therapist, sometimes you encounter complex cases that require a fresh perspective and expert guidance.
Our consulting service offers you direct access to KFH’s wealth of experience and wisdom. Describe your case, and Klaus will provide you with tailored solutions and next steps. Enhance your practice, empower your clients, and ensure you’re equipped to handle challenges that arise in your work. Klaus provides tailored solutions for each unique case.
Professionals from around the world may access Klaus’s expertise via phone consultations. They may view the consulting sessions as a collaborative learning opportunity, where they can actively engage with Klaus to gain a deeper understanding of their cases.

More about KFH coaching & consulting in-person: 

Consult with Klaus at one of his farms/seminar centers (DK) or on tour – Tailored Coaching for Personal Growth, Professional Excellence, and Authentic Leadership
In addition to our special multifaceted events and our 15 Intensive Skill Clinics, which are always carried out directly with Klaus, you have the opportunity to work regarding your very personal concerns directly with Klaus in person. Choosing between in-person and phone coaching depends on your specific needs and preferences. While phone coaching offers flexibility, in-person coaching with KFH amplifies depth, connection, and hands-on learning that enhance your coaching journey.

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