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So gewinnst Du das Vertrauen deines Pferdes


Von und mit einigen der besten Pferdetrainer Europas, wie Alexandra König, Klaus F. Hempfling, Ludovic Fournet, Noreen Nowka, Peer & Jenny, Thomas Günther, Tom Büchel, Tommy Freundlich & Bianca Gruber.

Wie gewinnen wir das Vertrauen unserer Pferde?
Diese Frage ist wahrscheinlich so alt, wie die Beziehung zwischen Pferd und Mensch selbst. Und doch ist sie aktueller denn je, denn sie ist die Basis für die echte Verbindung zwischen diesen beiden Wesen, die immer mehr Menschen suchen.
In „So gewinnst Du das Vertrauen Deines Pferdes“ gibt Bianca Gruber Antworten darauf – zusammen mit 8 weiteren großartigen Pferdemenschen, die sie auf ihrem persönlichen Weg begleitet, motiviert und inspiriert haben und die zu den besten Trainern Europas zählen. Diese Antworten sind so vielgestaltig wie das Thema selbst und eröffnen dir neue Möglichkeiten und Wege, das Vertrauen deines Pferdes zu gewinnen.

Das Buch ist auch als Hörbuch erhältlich und darüber hinaus steht auch ein Arbeitsbuch zur Verfügung.
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The Message from The Horse


Every human enters this life and begins a journey. The path traveled is unique to each individual, and for some, the main streets and popular thoroughfares provide all that’s needed to nourish a life well lived—food, fuel, friendship, family. For others, though, there is a desire—in fact, a need—for something more.

In the form of a wandering, lyrical, autobiographical narrative, world-renowned horseman Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling exposes the inner turmoil, the burning questions, the fear, the doubt, and the darkness that pushed him off the roads most traveled in search of answers. In search of meaning. As he reflects on cultures past and his present surroundings, his words linger on visual, sensual, and inspirational clues, bringing his personal experiences alive on the page in emotional detail. His thoughts string together like clicking beads, brilliantly illustrating the passage of time and the interconnectivity of all beings. And ultimately, Hempfling comes to a truth, which for him brings heaven and earth into sharp focus. It is the horses that show him the way.

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Available languages: German, English (America), English (Europe, Australia & Africa), Dutch, Swedish and Czech


Dancing with Horses

Available languages: English (America), Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Japanese, Swedish, Danish, Russian and Czech

Dancing_with_horses_200Dominance without punishment, collection without rein pressure – these apparent contradictions are explained as master horseman Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling teaches his fascinating method of training horses. He compares his work with horses to dancing, where two beings read one another’s body language to move together in harmony.

Advising that even the slightest movement by either horse or human conveys powerful information, the author shows how to use body language to communicate with the horse. He asserts that if effective communication is established, a horse will retain all of its natural grace and elegance when ridden. Hempfling’s methods are based on conventional classic horsemanship, yet are infused with refreshing holistic and spiritual principles all conveyed in an accessible text and over 400 color photos.

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What Horses Reveal

Available languages: English (America), English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Swedish, Danish and Czech

What_horses_reveal_200In “What Horses Reveal”, Hempfling teaches the principles of primal life, against the background of both the mythological and the real horse. He emphasizes the importance of totally honest self-assessment and self-knowledge, and both mental and physical self-control. He demonstrates how a misplaced or misunderstood feeling, glance, posture or movement can make the difference between success and failure in the relationship with a horse.

In order to gain a greater understanding of every horse, Klaus describes in detail, and explains how to apply his unique system for recognizing horses. All horses, no matter what their breed or type, will fit into his clearly defined 26 character groups.

The Horse Seeks Me

Available languages: English (America)German, Dutch, French and Czech

Klaus Ferdinathe_horse_seeks_me_200nd Hempfling is internationally regarded as an expert on the body language of horses. Using the example of two stallions, he explains his system of a non-violent relationship to the horse. Illustrated with many pictures, the reader will follow the progress of Arab Stallion Marouk and Lusitano Stallion Queijo in discovering a confident and harmonious relationship to their human. In detail and with comprehensive insight, and with the help of many illustrations and photographs, the author introduces the reader in this book to the fascinating world of understanding horses through body language.

‘The Horse Seeks Me’ is also available as e-book (English).


Frau und Pferd

Available languages: German









Die Botschaft der Pferde

Available languages: German, English (America), English (Europe, Australia & Africa), Dutch, Swedish and Czech









Coming Together (DVD)

Available languages: German and English (America)


Use Body Language to Establish Leadership, Friendship, and Trust

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling explains the intricate body language of the horse in this video and DVD. Hempfling demonstrates how his intense level of body awareness helps him establish a connection and method of communication with horses.
Duration: 50 min.


Dancing with Horses (DVD)

Available languages: German and English (America)

Dancing_with_horses_DVD_200For master horse trainer Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, work with horses is comparable to dancing. The primary obligation of riding, he explains, is to maintain the horse’s own natural, powerful, and elegant movement under saddle. Improper training compromises the horse’s naturally joyful steps with confusing commands; a horse will move with extraordinary grace if only the request is effectively communicated.

In this DVD, Hempfling teaches us the language of horses. Advising that even the slightest movement conveys powerful information, Hempfling shows how to use body language to communicate. He makes clear that when the trainer uses language the horse can understand, the horse’s movement “will always be beautiful, from the first lesson on.”
Duration: 50 min.

Coach & consultant in personal relations, business and society and one of the most renowned horse-experts of the world