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Very comfortable from your home and yet in direct, intensive and individual one on one contact with Klaus.

Individual Analyzing and Coaching, Important General Basics. Recommended especially for a first thorough analysis of your general situation and for your individual progressing with or without horses towards comprehensive success.

Concerning horses:
You may learn, how to start and where are especially the beginners-traps, what you should absolutely avoid and how to get on that authentic path, on which you may help your horse under all circumstances and to bind with it.
He will answer your most important questions and teach about his work and philosophy - giving an overall picture about many different aspects.
After the analysis of your individual situation, the focus of this day will be determined and then explored together with Klaus.

Photos and videos of your own horse are taken for a first very thorough analysis of your general situation. Also concerning the buying of a horse, this offer has been revealed as extremely beneficial regarding a most positive and congruent matching between human and horse.

Concerning general life-coaching, management consulting, leadership and personal development:
This special theme addresses also and in particular those, who are in positions of high responsibility or who are coaches, therapists or consultants themselves.
The themes of these online coaching- and consulting-offers are as wide as life-themes at all might be. 
The main aim is to improve and secure your personal qualities in dealing with employees, colleagues, private and business relationships significantly.
Some keywords about the optional content:
How safe and balanced is my life?
What are the main questions at present?
What problems can be resolved immediately and quickly?
What about my general social and human bonds?
How much do I live my own and authentic life also in concerns of life-purpose, balance, general education, self-expectations?

Online one on one direct connection with Klaus per day (2,5 hours)
Euro 3.500,- plus 25% VAT for EU customers

Special new offer – one on one online:
‘Strength from Within’
for body and mind

Concerning a 7 Day-Skype - Body Awareness individual one on one practice with Klaus. 
Seven days one on one with Klaus and assistants online - the most suitable and individual exercises customised for you.

Without any prior preparation in beforehand, Klaus will show you the exercises and teach you those, which are most suitable for you to strengthen your physical and mental state in the shortest possible time and to prepare and protect you in the best way and sense.
You can start right away and in the first minute. No matter how you have tried to take care of your body until now, Klaus will pick you up exactly where you are, to carefully strengthen and protect yourself from now on.
Klaus’ System is very gentle, rhythmic and immediately acceptable and pleasant to mind and body. That is why it is joyful from the start and the positive effects can be seen and felt in the first few minutes. “Joy and success are siblings”, as Klaus always says.

Online one on one direct connection with Klaus and assistants - 7 days (45 minutes/day) 
Euro 8.400,- plus 25% VAT for EU customers

Thank you for your interest in our offers and we hope, that you could find, what you were looking for.
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Customers reflections:

"Dear Klaus,
 I very much feel, that I must thank you once again for the online-afternoon with you last Saturday! It was great! What shall I say, your words are still buzzing in my head and will hopefully still move a lot! But you know for yourself how much your work moves! May you for a long time still move a lot more people! I was anyway very much as you could perhaps see. It was also great that my husband and daughter could be there as well, I could NEVER have explained it to them like that… it was sooo important!  Thus, I now continue towards ‚Mastership‘ in little steps. Also many thanks to your team for the support. I really hope we will meet again!
 With my warmest regards,"
 A. - Germany
"I’d just like to say that even if I may not feedback often, this is definitely helpful, relevant and active topics in my personal life. In fact, within the first ten minutes of I was moved to tears because I felt a longing was finally acknowledged and brought to fore, just like the first time I came across Klaus talking about life and it made me fly out to Denmark."
 S. - Singapore
"Thank you for offering this seminar.  It has been a dream of mine to attend one of your seminars, however I live in the US so it has not been possible for me to travel to Denmark as of yet.  I still hold the vision of making it to one of your seminars one day.
 I am so grateful that you created this offering of your live teachings.  It has made a huge impact on my life and how I am being in my day to day life.  I live for what you are teaching and very much enjoy the time when you are live and teaching. I have been following you for years through your books and You Tube.  My whole life is dedicated to horses and my own awakening.  I loved what you taught us this morning as it has deepened my own understanding of energy and how I will exist in the world as I know it.  Often I notice huge shifts in my reality in the weeks after I have watched your transmission.
 I just wanted to write and say from my heart,  thank you for offering this.  I feel amazing blessed to be apart of this transmission.  Thank you very much! Thank you for making your Self and these teachings available to people around the world!"
 K. - USA

Coach & consultant in personal relations, business and society and one of the most renowned horse-experts of the world