21-Days Travel Core Adventure
Destiny Journey Scandinavia

The Secret Art of Destiny Tracking

Max. 7 participants
Starting date:
3rd of August
Ending date: 23rd of August

Total fee, incl. 25% VAT: Euro 24.000,-

Embarking on a Karavan expedition with KFH
entails a remarkable 1200-kilometer voyage, commencing from Denmark’s southern reaches and culminating amidst Norway’s breathtaking fjords. In the company of an exclusive cohort of 7 participants, this journey unfolds, leading them to a secluded KFH farm—an interim waypoint before embarking on the collective return expedition.
This immersive sojourn across Scandinavian landscapes
presents an array of experiences, ranging from intuitive archery to foundational insights into genuine human nutrition and much more. Beyond all else, the essence of this expedition lies in the shared experience of an age-old principle—of navigating the currents of destiny in a coherent and rational manner. With years of accumulated wisdom, KFH imparts lessons garnered from a life aligned with its primal essence, guiding fellow travelers in uncovering and traversing the path harmonious with the present moment. It’s an inherent connection bridging modern existence with humanity’s foundational principles. A singular encounter orchestrated by one of the most distinguished consultants and coaches.

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