5 Sublime-Energy-Activities
7-Days Practical Personal Development & Comprehensive Adventure-Analyse
The dynamic potential of the subconscious – fascinating, practical experience at the highest level

• Duration: 7 Days
• 6 hours/day individual training and coaching by KFH
• Generally we carry out the 5 Energy- Activities with only one participant. The energy activities 2 and 3 are always and only carried out with one single participant.

Total fee, incl. 25% VAT:
Euro 98.000,-

Experience KFH’s 7-day program:
5 Sublime Energy Activities – a journey to unlock subconscious potential. Elevate yourself with KFH’s unique, transformative approach. The KFH Game-Changing Energy-Quest Is a Unique and Comprehensive Program that offers participants the opportunity to engage in five sublime KFH-energy-activities, designed to help them connect conscious and subconscious with their bodies and minds, improve their physical and emotional well-being, and achieve overall personal success.

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