“What you may expect, if going to Klaus”

Client’s opinion:

After the stay on one of our school farms, frequently we are asking our clients about their opinion, if everything has been running fine with their stay, food, accommodation etc. The last time we did ask Eva from Holland, she is a professional coach herself.
This was her answer:

It’s a life changing experience, in which you can find answers to all your questions about yourself, life, your work and your relationships with people or with horses.

Jan's Stallion - Day 1 (2014-08-04) - 01

It is like a journey that you take to the center of life itself. Klaus takes you to the beginning of mankind and explains why we do the things we do and how we could be in balance and in harmony with ourselves and life around us.

He uses his own system of principles that entails spiritual and body awareness and that is based on deep fundamental structures. Klaus offers a complete package of tools and insights that ensure you to find your own way in life.

Expect everything because its not just serious business but also a lot of fun and a joyful extraordinary time as you are working with Klaus one on one. He is one of a kind and as himself an example of how we can be as human beings and how we can be ourselves.

In your stay with Klaus you will be taken care of with the best and healthy food you can think of and his assistants will guide you through your stay, sharing film material and go over questions that you have and work with exercises. You will stay in a beautiful, harmonious place where you can find the space to work on yourself.

It was great

More Client’s Opinions:

Hello Klaus,
Thank you so very very much for all of your words and impulses in response to my thoughts and questions. I can not express how deeply helpful and peaceful it is to have your guidance. It is always feeling solid, joyful, calm and also a clear way forward. It is also that your words from these calls as well as all of the seminars over the years are ‘popping up’ into my life at the right moments. Even things I thought were long forgotten. It happens that even when I don’t understand why you give a certain feedback, it turns out in time that it is exactly the best thing for me. When I just calmly sit with it and ponder and move forward at the right time, then it becomes clear.

So, this is a sincere and hearty thank you.
Warmest regards,

Every day we think with gratitude how well we are prepared for the current situation thanks to our time with you and everything we have learned from Klaus: We are all together at home, are more or less isolated, temporarily do homeschooling, D. works successfully from home, the children are happy, I wrote my first draft for the book – and all of this with joy, calmness and harmony! Of course there is always room for improvement … and we continue to learn every day. But without our apprenticeship with you, everything would collapse into chaos – as is the case with so many families. Thanks in particular to Klaus for his tireless energy, clear guidance and instruction to lead us on the right path, and all your benevolent support during this time. Warm greetings,
A. and family

I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Klaus and the group for everything we were able to learn and experience from you. We become aware of this anew every day, and has also become particularly clear in the following experiences in recent weeks:
Over the past few months we have been looking for a new, quieter and safer location and a small farm, and thanks to the by you experienced Pow Wow process over many weeks, we have organically found the perfect property for our next step. The negotiations with the seller were a unique opportunity for us to apply a generous “we all together” attitude as Klaus had shown us back then instead of “us versus them”. This made the whole process a pleasant, peaceful, positive and successful experience for everyone. Without our time with you, we would never have thought or been able to do this.
Another example is the children’s “screen time”, which is now happily managed by the children independently. The other children in school are also beginning to discover computer games more and more, and some parents have already approached me about how we have managed this so successfully. I can now recognize in them very well how I myself faced the matter at that time in Möborg: very insecure and fearful, reaching for control, fearing the worst, and suspicious.
I am therefore so happy and grateful that Klaus has pushed me for months to slowly overcome these inner (for me immense) dragons, to develop criteria together with the children (which they still adhere to tip top!), to trust the children, to remain calm, to be open and to lead them authentically and trustingly. It was a long process and unfortunately the children had to endure it, but we were and are still successful! Of course there are always new challenges and we make a lot of mistakes, but we learn – and our boys are our barometer of success here.
We are therefore infinitely grateful to Klaus, the group and fate that we were allowed to experience all the insights and support and that we can now bring so much more joy, peace and trusting connection into our life.
Warm greetings from spring in Perth,

Dear Klaus,
I suppose you don’t remember me, but I was the first child at one of your seminars in 1995 when I was twelve with my round Dülmen wild pony named Robby.
I am writing to you because this experience shaped my future life with  horses. The experiences that I was able to gather from you have been burned into my child’s memory intuitively and since then I have been moving and working with horses, for many years without reflecting deeply, with the roots of your way of riding and thinking.
It was a great gift for me. For a long time I thought it was normal and everyone would treat their horses like that, but of course I noticed more and more that most of them do not consider their horse to be of equal value and cannot share their sensitivity with them.
I don’t remember exactly where the seminar took place, I think near the Ammersee, but the three days have become one of the most important memories of my childhood. It also brought me to a completely free and deep interaction with my pony and in the end I rode him like you did on Janosch, without a bridle or saddle in the field, a great love in complete freedom.
Ti ringrazio dal cuore (as Italians would say) for the gift that you gave me as a child to let me come to one of your seminars and to open up the world of dance with horses to me.

Dear Mr Hempfling
I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to you and your work.
I am so utterly grateful that you have expressed your humanness to this extent.

My daughter has brought me back to horses and we are learning about natural horsemanship and I am in awe at what these beings are opening up in me.
Your wisdom is so well received and know that from far away we are treasuring your spirit.
Much love
A., D. and M.

I would like to get in touch with you with a short update on our part. In short, we are doing very well, the children are happy, active and communicative, D. is satisfied and successful in his work and the “Reborn Family” is largely stable, although this still requires the greatest vigilance. If something happens, we intercept it earlier and earlier and clarify the matter like detectives – as we learned during our trip.
We hold lots of good Pow Wows and are actively researching where we want to live in the future.
The experiences that we were able to make with Klaus through this process are extremely helpful for this. We have just been with the children for a week on a “voyage of discovery” to the 3 most promising and fertile areas in the south of Western Australia and have looked at some interesting properties and farms there.
Since the completion of my book draft at the end of March, I have continued to focus on family harmony in addition to normal household chores; for this I still do my daily exercises, review my notes, and write a regular “Family Progression Report”. I meet (for one-on-one) with friends and mothers from school to learn more about the questions and challenges of other mothers and also to improve my empathic listening skills. With regard to my consulting business, I have now defined what I offer and whom I would like to address. For that I also designed the Facebook page and created a website with photos and texts. Both are not yet live, but are already a good draft. I’m also looking forward to Klaus’ feedback on my book draft, if he has had the time to take a look.
Many thanks in advance and best regards to Klaus and the whole group,

Online-Client’s Opinion:

A. USA: I am so excited, I don’t even know if my words are doing justice to what I want to convey. But I’m just grateful to have this moment today, because this day has changed my life forever.

What a freedom it is to see that perceptions were what was keeping me down in a cycle of fear, confusion, un-decidedness. I’ve been explained before by others, as well as in books, about we are NOT our emotions, and that we have “control” over them, but it was finally put so clear by you that it’s actually our emotions, fears, anxieties serve as alarms and it’s not about controlling them. I’m truly laughing with pure light joy. Wow.

C. CH: Sehr, sehr wertvoll!!

S. BE: I’m looking forward to the next edition of the online program.

A. USA: Today I made a jump in understanding. Thank you so much, Klaus.

O. DE: Klaus war große Klasse.

K. MX: It has been very clear and touching for me.

S. USA: Hello, I am completely enjoying the seminar!!! I am so grateful for Klaus sharing what he knows.

S. Singapore: … I’d just like to say that even if I may not feedback often, this is definitely helpful, that these are both relevant and active topics in my personal life. In fact, within the first ten minutes of I was moved to tears because I felt a longing was finally acknowledged and brought to fore, just like the first time I came across Klaus talking about life and it made me fly out to Denmark.

O. DE: Vielen Dank für dieses Webinar, für die wertvolle Information zum Baum des Lebens und zum I Ging Nr. 15 und zum Samurai Musashi. Es war genau dass, was mich momentan in meinem Leben bewegt.

G. USA: Thank you Klaus!! Exactly on the point for me today/now. Thank you!

A. USA: Thank you. It was great.

K. Nairobi: Please pass my thanks to Klaus for this possibility. It was an information-packed session.

K. USA: Thank you for offering this seminar. It has been a dream of mine to attend one of your seminars, however I live in the US so it has not been possible for me to travel to Denmark as of yet. I still hold the vision of making it to one of your seminars one day.

I am so grateful that you created this offering of your live teachings. It has made a huge impact on my life and how I am being in my day to day life. I live for what you are teaching and very much enjoy the time when you are live and teaching. I have been following you for years through your books and You Tube. My whole life is dedicated to horses and my own awakening. I loved what you taught us this morning as it has deepened my own understanding of energy and how I will exist in the world as I know it. Often I notice huge shifts in my reality in the weeks after I have watched your transmission.

I just wanted to write and say from my heart, thank you for offering this. I feel amazing blessed to be apart of this transmission. Thank you very much! Thank you for making your Self and these teachings available to people around the world!

V. NL: Thank you for this afternoon’s webinar, which, as always, was very interesting and clear. It was also clear to see how cautious and careful Klaus was trying to explain these difficult things, as they may be easily misinterpreted, and I think he did do this very well .

Jorine: Thank you Klaus! Amaizd again listening to your story so connected to the questions of today!

Hansi: Amazing, awesome, and touching! Thank you very much :-)

Christine: thanks to everybody making this possible!!

Clara: Great, thank you so much!

Reka: Thank you, I’ve allready learnt a lot!

Ariela: This makes so much sense. Thank you

Gennifer: Thank you Klaus for helping me to poke some more holes in my cocoon!

Linda: Thank you Klaus for your guidance in poking ho;es and being 100% in NOW.

barbara: Thank you Klaus and All and Destiny

Karen: Thank you for sharing all this with us.

Marissa: Thank you so much to bring hope and light, to live with the world!

Stefan: THanks, magnificent, touching, revealing, great, truly, feels soo right,………..

Lise: Thank You Klaus. I’m with it.

Anke: Thank you Klaus, this was immensely helpful. Thank you

Christine: so valuable! Thank you

Jeanette: Thank you. Very nice. Very glad to be a part of this.

Ariela: Was cracking up with the story. Thank you. everything was so clear and amazing

Jorine: Thank you Klaus for these insights again really moving again

Vera: Thank you Klaus, for “food for thought’ as well as ‘for the soul’

Jo: I trust. I’m here. I’m grateful.

Jessica: wow I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Reka: Thank you for reminding us what is important

Jorine: Thank you Klaus! answering the exact question of the moment!

Vera: Thank you Klaus for such clear explanation!

Stefan: Great, great, great

Shen: Yes, it’s been clarifying, thank you.

Etienne: Wouw what an information. Thank you Klaus

Ariela: wonderful

Anke: Brilliant, thank you

Hansi: it was great!!! Thanks a lot – again!

Jeanette: Thank you for so much valuable time spent

Etienne: Klaus, I am verry thankfull, because you give us the information that we need on this moment.

Karen: Thank you, Klaus, for your amazing ability to grasp the energies and guide them/us towards something positive and cohesive. I certainly go into my evening with renewed joy in my heart and look forward to meeting again next time.

Barbara: Thank you very much Klaus and Team and Everyone

Karen: Thank YOU Klaus-I learn so much!

Katrina: Thank you. Plenty to sit with.

Elizabeth: Tusen tack Klaus from Elizabeth (Australia) in Sweden

Maya: thank you, such beauty in a rainbow, the embodiment of something unexpected, rare ,momentary which illuminates another facet the reality that is always there. Thankyou Klaus for also doing this

Maatje: This answered my question, I know nothing, except my feeling right now. Often people can’t understand how I deal with the loss of my dear Kick. Now I know I’m doing fine. Thanks so much.

Maatje: Thanks Klaus plus team, I enjoyed it enormously again.. very inspiring

Etienne: Klaus , thank you verry mutch for all the information.

Karen: Thank you for answering many questions today, indeed sometimes you started answering as I was writing.

gennifer: In joy and gratefulness! This was another very excellent session. Appreciated.

Shen: Thank you Klaus, that was very helpful indeed

Jeanette: Thank you, very interesting. So many things to think about.

Maatje: thanks a lot Klaus, very insightful!

Sybille: it was a very intressting session, thank you !

Linda Mackinnon: Out of the fullness comes the emptiness. Thank you, Klaus.

Sherry: Thank you, Klaus, very interesting.

Marissa: Thanks for pointing out the fruits

Linda: You have put into understanding what I have been seeing in my life . This gives me courage to persist. Thank you, Klaus.

Karen: Thank You Klaus, so grateful to be a part of this as well

Gennifer: Asante sana Klaus!

Barbara: Blessed time Thank you, Klaus and All

Karina: Muchas Gracias!

Stefan: THank you for giving us (me) the chance to be part of this; to receive these ancient wisdom. All the very best to you and those close to you;;;Thanks, htanks,

Martina: Thank you very much Klaus. Very nice seminar, all of it. Happy new year to everyone!

Clara: Hugh thanks to you Klaus for this!

Jessica: I am allso so very very grateful for this !

Katrina: Thank you Klaus for the transmissions.

Hansi: Thank you very much again, it’s difficult to describe with words how grateful I am to be a part of this. All the best to you too!

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