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First easy access through phone-coaching and online one on one meetings directly with Klaus

There are different options depending on your situation, your goals, your general background and also on your planned financial input. Our offers range from telephone coaching to individual one on one online offers to you visiting one of our school-farms in Denmark - even for long-term educations. It is also possible, that Klaus is visiting you at your place.

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The 7 basic pillars of the KFH-World…

 …regarding Klaus’ being with horses

Not only for newcomers:
Here for you a background-introduction to understand the horsemanship of
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

In this post we would like to provide you a short overview of the fundamental background-characteristics of Klaus’ understanding of horses (in life). We have been collecting information from many different original sources. Continue reading

The Message from the Horse

Readers Reviews from Amazon

Success is a choice often hard-earned

By Thomy Threesocks on November 26, 2015

MessagefrmtheHorsesAfter reading and watching Klaus Hempfling for a while, it’s easy to start regarding him as having almost superhuman abilities. His impact on horses is so astonishing, and he speaks and writes on them with such authority and insight, that it seems he has always been, as a fortune teller once told him, “two-thirds horse!”

This book is an important reminder that Klaus is still very much human. When I look at Klaus today he seems to be a man in complete control of his own destiny, but he makes it clear in this book that there was once a time when he battled through dark episodes of uncertainty, self-doubt, self-pity, anger, anguish, despair and fear.

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