The royal path to the horses and to comprehensive, personal success.

GermanyWas macht Klaus so einzigartig in der Pferdewelt? Antworten und Buchbeschreibung auf deutsch

Harmon 2Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling is considered unique in the horse scene.
How does he see and experience his relation to life and to horses?

Please find here some main points about Klaus’ Understanding of Horses and Life and his new book:

WebsitePictures 2014-09-01 - 11

01. website renovation 11-12-2015Those who seek the authentic, inwardly fulfilling experience.
Those who want to be motivated in the realization of their dreams and in turning to the spirited in themselves and in their horse as partner, medium and mirror – committed to their own destiny and all their possibilities.

Those who seek the real, not the illusions.
Those who seek genuine, self-sustaining self-consciousness creating collection of their horse, performed voluntarily by the free horse which is worked consequently from behind in unhindered, playful, highly motivated movement.

30. Ferdinand Pictures for the Website 01-2015 720x405Those who seek a grandeur, which truly gives joy and satisfaction, to both human and horse.
Those who seek in themselves and in their life the detachment from a  paralyzing, gray routine, towards the connected experience in the here and now. Which are aware that everyone lives only once, in comprehensive, individual responsibility.

Fb6_MS 4 _ 1 49 - KFH-FacebookThose who seek the permanent development, for human and horse
and the genuine form and that expression which is shaped by content, and not just the superficial facade.

Those who seek a genuine and deep bond to the horse and thus to their own being through the development of their own personality,
through inner strength and through body language.
Through knowledge of the horse’s nature.
Through enhancement of the horse in its being and in its physical expression and not through humiliation.
Through the voluntariness of the horse – always.
Through nonviolence – always.

And whoever is looking for the authentic path, being already the goal in itself, without losing their sight of the goal, is already close to the content and aims that Klaus is transmitting as teacher and author and which have made him what he is today: unique, not only inside of the horse scene.

The important themes of Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling – new, Intensively, richly illustrated and pointedly illuminated in his next book

shaped-in-freedomThe royal path to the horse in freedom
as a proved and verified holistic way of personal, authentic development towards a comprehensive success including personal life issues.

The free, highly motivated, powerful horse in the most beautiful attitude and uprightness, connected in deepest confidence and
with the greatestmoldeado-en-libertadacceptance.

Collection at liberty, highest respect and harmony in an always peaceful partnership.

Forgotten traditions of our forefathers, rediscovered, revived, compared to each other and proved by countless demonstrations with horses and equally by many coaching successes ingeformt-in-freiheitour today’s so opaque world.

The understanding of body and spirit, of perceptions and expressions, of communication and authentic self-understanding, of reason, wisdom, and destiny, of symbol and reality as an ever-connected supportive and complementary unity.

For decades, Klaus is inspiring –
not only the horse scene

Dancing_with_horses_200Since his bestseller “Dancing with Horses”,
which literally overnight made Klaus a star inside of the horse-scene, the author established himself around the world through various unique characteristics of his being with horses. 

In his work, Klaus combines the image of the classically shaped school-horse with the unique experience for horse and human, üoÐto achieve all this authentically by meeting and playing in freedom and to bind this way closely together, developing in the softest way an always peaceful, harmonious dance in the most wonderful elevation posture, uprightness, and expression.

05. website renovation 02 -b - 18-05-2016From the very beginning, Klaus has been connecting his being with horses with the oldest, 26. Extensive Coaching Seminartoday practically unknown traditions, which are recognising the horse as a center of 41_YT-A_MS 32 _ 1 121YT_Scan WsPo Titel freigestellt bearb copy-Rhuman development towards authenticity, inner strength, a congruent personality and comprehensive personal success. This became a crucial anchor point for Klaus for his creation of a worldwide unique being with horses.

You may learn…

13. Wild Horses 05-08-2016… directly from the Master of bonding and collecting of the free horse, why the horse was so important for our forefathers also as a ’signpost’ towards a mindful and authentic life.

1You may learn from the Master of horse-understanding, how also you may understand your horse better and better. Learn how to encourage, guide and form you horse in the most beautiful harmony with the ever-peaceful means of your mature personality through inner strength.

Summer Academy - Program 2014 -2You may learn from a worldwide successful coach, life- and management-consultant, how a common thread draws through the history of mankind, connecting the primordial meaning of the real and symbolic horse with the possibilities of each human being, to use their given individual talents and potentials holistically in terms of authentic fulfilment of life and integral success.

T_END-11_Magical Encounter with Horses InternationalNEW STILLS_FF_11You may learn from the Master of body language and  communication, mirrored by the powerful, positive expression of innumerable horses often after 234minutes and seconds, how also our own existence can change to the better as we re-establish our own standpoint in life, ground ourselves and find confidence anew in our own destiny.

275You may learn from the Master of instant healing, how to deal with, recognize and avoid the partly great dangers for body and soul as well as the many pitfalls, which are inherent to the unconscious handling of horses.

88You may experience first-hand, why our forefathers regarded the authentic connection to a horse, his powerful shaping and sensitive controllability in46 freedom as an indicator and guide of integral life styl, way of life, life-quality, happiness and success; yes, as training of meaningful and fulfilled life in general.

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Clients opinion: “That’s why you should go to Klaus.”

People in seminars - 100After the stay on one of our school farms, frequently we are asking our clients about their opinion, if everything has been running fine with their stay, food, accommodation etc. The last time we did ask Eva from Holland, she is a professional coach herself.
This was her answer:

It’s a life changing experience, in which you can find answers to all your questions about yourself, life, your work and your relationships with people or with horses.
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Our 7 offers in short and Quick:

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Headlines of all our offers:
(Including all prices briefly described further below)

Pictogram tel 1 bearb1: KFH Personal Phone Coaching regarding horses and/or general life- and business issues.
Booking button - 01

2: KFH Horse Characterization, general status-check or horse-buying-advice via phone
Booking button - 01

Imagine – Klaus and his team are only and exclusively there for you, in a fantastic environment, simply for reasons of effectiveness and your learning success:

01. Wild Horses 09 (pictures) 31-07-2016Enjoy the individuality together with Klaus and his assistants. You are the sole and exclusive guest at the KFH-farm:

All offers below refer to the direct and personal lessons with Klaus in one-on-one meetings together with his assistants.


13: Build your individual one on one teaching and coaching kit:
Our basic offer for one on one teaching and coaching  directly with Klaus:

The Day-to-day Module-PrincipleYou are just booking one or more days for the individual teaching with Klaus and his assistants at a KFH school-farm.You are the exclusive and only guest at the school-farm during this time.

The KFH basic themes for you to choose from:
1.) Body-Awareness
2.) Fundamental Life Principles
3.) Personal Development and Personal Coaching Issues
4.) Genuine Leadership, Business or Societal Coaching Issues
5.) General horse related issues: the KFH Authentic-Horse-Connection, troubleshooting and healing,
If you like, you may talk to us about the best mix of themes and the best number of days for you: 0045 61 34 79 49 or 0045 40 16 14 76

 Booking button - 01

Pictogram horse and human4: Especially recommended:
The 10-Day+ One on One KFH-Authentic Horse-Connection Program-all inclusive package.
Learn and experience the whole package. You may expand this basic program as you like – for an ever deeper and far-reaching basic education.
Booking button - 01

01-horseland5: Long-term and very intensive: Find your horse in a wild herd and form it together with Klaus from the beginning. Learn from Klaus the entire way together with your new horse out of the wilderness. A Sort of initiation of the most special kind. Booking button - 01

6: KFH in person –You are looking for individual coaching solutions in a special frame, on specific issues and led by a special man? You may arrange Individual appointments to meet Klaus in person. Please talk to us, we will find an individual solution for you.
Klaus does speak English, Spanish and German.
For any further questions, please contact us under one of these phone numbers. Our Info-team will be pleased to advise you:
0045 61 34 79 49
0045 40 16 14 76
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7: Inviting KFH: Klaus as special guest in your area or on your farm.
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One-time special event:

Pictures - Sky and Stones 15Authentic Destiny Tracking in theory and practice
Live and Interactive online-program given
directly and in first hand by
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
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 Info only for trainings with horse:
You may come without or with horse or you may work with one  selected horse from the KFH-school-farm

For any further questions, please contact us under one of these phone numbers. Our Info-team will be pleased to advise you:
0045 61 34 79 49
0045 40 16 14 76
You will be served in English, German, Spanish or Danish.

Short description of all offers Including all prices:

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08a. Wild Horses 05-08-2016

HorseLand – The Movie,

For free on the internet

Welcome to the world of self-mastery, groundedness, connection and authenticity

02. website renovation 02 -c - J 20-05-2016This 90-minutes full movie will provide you with new pictures, a lot of explanations and a general covering bow concerning Klaus’ work and philosophy
It also will give you the chance to show this movie to friends, family and colleagues, to give them an entertaining and exciting insight into the path, you are following and you are interested in.
Please enjoy.

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Below a general overview

Our Activities, Teaching Topics & Offers:

Pictogram horse and humanSPOTLIGHTING: Our recommended focus-offer regarding the entry into the KFH world of horses in theory and practice:

03. website renovation PP 11-12-2015The 10-Day+ One on One KFH-Authentic Horse-Connection Program-all-inclusive-package (you are the only pupil at the KFH school-farm during these days – 6 hours teaching in total per day).
You may book right here:
Booking button - 01
Further information, including booking of single days and shorter periods and phone-coaching directly with Klaus, just below:

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Authentic Destiny tracking in theory and practice – Live and Interactive Online-seminar

03. website renovation 02 -c - J 19-05-2016 - A mans life

One-time special event:
10 times 2,5 hours each first Sunday each month

Authentic Destiny Tracking in theory and practice
Live and Interactive online-program given directly and in first hand by
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

Klaus Webinar Material 05Based on the  understanding of the  authentic and symbolical background of  genuine sources of mankind in its most traditional and original form, studied and revived by Klaus during decades towards a practical tool for all times and situations – including being successful with horses.

Pictures - Sky and Stones 15For you, for your family, for your business and company. Your basic understanding of the connection of personal development, human energy, wisdom, and the perceptible bond with your own fate and the fate of the world.

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You would like to learn directly from Klaus? Please find here further explanations and Booking information:

You are booking entire days with Klaus and assistants. One day or more, depending on your aims, on the themes to learn and to discuss.
(Klaus speaks English, Spanish and German)

This Day-to-day Building Module
has proven as very successful.
Therefore only individual teaching in one on one meetings directly with you and Klaus and his assistants are offered.

WebsitePictures 2014-09-01 - 06You are just booking as many days as you like for the individual teaching with Klaus and his assistants (6 hours teaching/day in total. Depending on the subject, a certain number of days is recommended to start with. Our Info-team will be pleased to advise you:
0045 61 34 79 49 or 0045 40 16 14 76

WebsitePictures 2014-09-01 - 16You may begin with a
phone coaching or with an individual visit at his school farm in the frame of the Day-to-day Building-Module-Principle.

WebsitePictures 2014-09-01 - 01The teaching themes may include the practical being with horses (your horse or a school-horse) or they may focus exclusively on themes like Fundamental Life Principles, Body Awareness, Personal Development and Genuine Leadership. In case you like to focus towards the basic themes without coming in contact with horses, a period of 3-6 days to start with has proven to be successful and recommended. Our Info-team will be pleased to advise you (0045 61 34 79 49 or 0045 40 16 14 76).
Booking button - 01

Our profound and individual basic-horse program has turned out to be especially recommended:

The 10-Day+ One on One KFH-Authentic Horse-Connection Program.

It provides a profound overview of the being with horses as defined by Klaus, including the basic themes and the essential aspects of the authentic togetherness with horses.

You are guided and accompanied by Klaus individually through a fundamental, proven training and schooling program, adapted to your individual challenges, questions and needs.

Chief Free_FF_18You may either come with your own horse or you will work with a horse provided by the school and placed at your side for that time period.

Learn and experience the whole package. You may expand this basic program just as you like – for an ever deeper and far-reaching basic education (Please find our 10-day all-inclusive package-offer at the end of this post).
Booking button - 01

Further information and prices –
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19. Wild Horses 05-08-2016

Long-term and very intensive:

An incredible journey into the world of KFH – with a wild, untouched horse that will be finally yours. 

13. Wild Horses 05-08-2016Find your horse in a wild herd and form it together with Klaus from the beginning.

22. Wild Horses 09 (pictures) 30-07-16Find your horse with the best inner and outer qualities – a stallion or a mare

10. Wild Horses 09 (pictures) 30-07-16An untouched being from the wilderness, chosen for you, becomes your riding horse, guided by Klaus from the first steps to the final rides.

37. Wild Horses 09 (pictures)Learn from Klaus the entire way together with your new horse out of the wilderness.

61. Wild Horses 09 (pictures)A form of initiation of the most special kind. Weeks and months that will change you.

Find together with Klaus your wild horse (with best inner and outer qualities that suits you) and convert it into your companion under the guidance of Klaus directly during a longer stay on one of the KFH school farms.

Your horse taken from the wilderness and transformed into your riding horse and teacher together with Klaus in a one on one situation.

The idea is very simple:
Together with Klaus you are choosing a horse from a wild herd to convert it into your life-companion and teacher.

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04. website renovation 15-5-2016

Talk to Klaus via phone / Skype / video-conference also in the context of his main work as life coach & management consultant

Pictogram tel 1 bearbYour Personal Phone-Coaching sessions with Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling –
regarding horses and/or general life- business-management- and leadership-themes.

07. website renovation 02 -c - J 20-05-2016

The quick and easy way to contact Klaus concerning your individual themes around horses and/or life. The conversations are always carried out by Klaus personally in English, Spanish or German.

1. KFH Personal Phone-Coaching
You may book a 30 or 60 minutes appointment with Klaus.

Booking button - 01Pictogram tel 1 bearb

2. KFH Personal Phone-Coaching – CUSTOM-SIZED  The quicker connection due to payment in advance.  (120 minutes in advance)Also just for shorter questions and “in-between” issues.
Booking button - 01Pictogram tel 1 bearb

More general information and prices please click here.

06. website renovation characterization 23-11-2015

Horse-related questions directly to Klaus via phone (photos/video)

Pictogram tel 1 bearbEach horse is individual. What does this particular horse need? How to approach it in the best possible way?
The KFH Horse Characterization, general status-check and horse-buying-advice via phone
is based on your photos (5) or video and it is, in spite of the brevity, very comprehensive.

13It’s about the fundamental understanding of the horse’s nature, about genuine connection and communication. But it is also about general aspects of the keeping, the care for exactly this horse or about the feeding and questions concerning the horse’s health.

Booking button - 01Pictogram tel 1 bearb

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07. website renovation 15-5-2016

Consulting Klaus on his farm about general life- and business-themes

Pictogram talking 3 bearb J2 KopieYou may benefit from Klaus’ profound experience regarding troubleshooting, genuine leadership, general life & management issues.

Genuine Horsemanship is based on Personal Development and leads to Authentic Leadership.

You are looking for individual coaching solutions in a special frame, on specific issues and led by a special man? Regarding any kind of themes and questions, you may arrange Individual appointments to meet Klaus on his farm in person. Please talk to us, we will find an individual solution for you.
Klaus does speak English, Spanish and German.
Our Info-team will be pleased to advise you:
0045 61 34 79 49
0045 40 16 14 76
Booking button - 01

14-12-2015 website renovation 03

Klaus as special guest in your area or on your farm…

…among your horses and inside your individual sphere.
Watch Klaus working with your horses on your venue – your Horse in the Master’s Hand. Invite your friends, your colleagues, your guests.

Organize your own seminar or coaching session in your surroundings

Klaus is converting your horse into your personal teacher – facing your horses in their sphere. If you like – invite Klaus to your horses place and get an overall embracing check.

17. website renovation 02 -d 20-05-2016

With this offer you may realize a  direct access to Klaus’ teaching in your area. Maybe you are interested in organizing a seminar in your region, in your country.

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Overview about the 3 basic background themes of all KFH teaching:

05. website renovation 02 -b - 19-05-2016
02. Dancing Without Horses - Heal Yourself Deeply 02 PICTURES

1Body-Awareness – Physical Intelligence & Energy. This special, unique and in life proved KFH Body-Awareness-System is addressing everyone.
(Please read more)

2. Fundamental Life Principles. Spiritual awareness – understanding and tracking destiny and authentic life purpose, personal development, strength & energy. Coaching yourself and others.
(Please read more)

3. Authentic Leadership, Genuine Management and general Holistic personal and professional Success.
An important issue, not only for those, who are in positions of higher and highest responsibility, who must get things moving, supervise and instruct or who are coaches, therapists or consultants themselves.
(Please read more)

11. website renovation 02 -c - J 20-05-2016

How does it work practically, how do you book?
Please click here.

0Pictogram tel 1 bearb045 61 34 79 49
0045 40 16 14 76.

03. Horses in the Masters Hands serie 2

KFH – unique horsemanship: You may visit Klaus with your horse on one of his school-farms…

…to experience the advanced development and the transformation of your horse into your teacher. Here some first information:

21. website renovation 02 -d 20-05-2016

(If you can’t come with your own horse, individually it can be arranged, that you’re working with a special selected one. Please contact us: Pictogram tel 1 bearb (0045 61 34 79 49 or 0045 40 16 14 76)

After a treatment from Klaus horses are changing deeply and profoundly. 

13. Hempfling - Horses and Life - The New DimensionAfter the meeting with Klaus: your own horse becomes your teacher for your individual continuation in your own speed, sphere and form.
An important addition of this program: A part of the client’s togetherness with the horse will be filmed and then thoroughly discussed and  compared.
The remaining time you may practice and meditate on your own – being with your horse, your thoughts and your personal development.

How does it work, how do you book?
Please click here.
Our info-service: 0045 61 34 79 49 or
0045 40 16 14 76.

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02 website renovation 10-12-2015

The 7 basic pillars of the KFH-World…

 …regarding Klaus’ being with horses

Not only for newcomers:
Here for you a background-introduction to understand the horsemanship of
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

I63. Ferdinand Pictures for the Website 01-2015 720x405n this post we would like to provide you a short overview of the fundamental background-characteristics of Klaus’ understanding of horses (in life). We have been collecting information from many different original sources and Klaus has been so kind to review and approve it.

For each chapter we have been collecting a different number of suitable and explanatory clips for you to choose from. Please enjoy.

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website renovation 10-12-2015

… and all kind of horses

Regarding riding:
66. ECS 09-11Klaus is in general teaching his Body-Weight and Signal Riding System. This is based on the always loose rein and body weight signal communication from rider to horse, combined with uprightness and collection of the horse which is achieved mainly through the work on the ground before.

Nevertheless Klaus is of course helping his clients regardless of their riding style-preference. Klaus has been teaching also Olympic riders of different categories and also here his approach always has been revealing as helpful and beneficial. So all in all we definitely can say, that there are all horse-types and riding styles included in all our coaching- and seminar offers.


The Message from the Horse

Readers Reviews from Amazon

Success is a choice often hard-earned

By Thomy Threesocks on November 26, 2015

MessagefrmtheHorsesAfter reading and watching Klaus Hempfling for a while, it’s easy to start regarding him as having almost superhuman abilities. His impact on horses is so astonishing, and he speaks and writes on them with such authority and insight, that it seems he has always been, as a fortune teller once told him, “two-thirds horse!”

This book is an important reminder that Klaus is still very much human. When I look at Klaus today he seems to be a man in complete control of his own destiny, but he makes it clear in this book that there was once a time when he battled through dark episodes of uncertainty, self-doubt, self-pity, anger, anguish, despair and fear.

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