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Energy Massage Education

Akedah Energy Massage & Authentic Body Reflection – Education

24 Days – two times two weeks in Northern Denmark

SONY DSCKlaus says: “Living means first of all being entirely in your own body. One’s body is one’s first home, one’s center of life. With the right way of thinking and dealing with your body, you may practically heal and prevent each sort of health-distraction.” Klaus’ way of being, communicating and bonding with horses is just a reflection of these facts.

Klaus now has been asked by a professional massage center, if he could teach feminine supervisors a sort of holistic massage, which is based on all his insights into energy, body-awareness, physical intelligence and sensitivity. Finally he did agree with a first education-journey of in total four weeks. There are some places available for those, who are interested in this theme.

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YT-Clip: Please find here some key characteristics of the KFH-World of horses, Life & personal development

Gorgeous horse communication in the unfenced wilderness.
You are a Newcomer in the World of KFH? Would you like to have a first entrance in his new dimension of being with horses in connection to personal development and genuine Leadership? Or would you like to have a reminder for yourself – your friends?

Please see in this clip below some unique characteristics of a new dimension of being with horses, mirroring life and one’s deepest personality:

Since 30 years – The KFH-way, reflected into life itself:
Horses as medium for genuine leadership?
For authenticity, personal development and ancient transmissions? For general paths leading from chaos to harmony? Please see yourself how Klaus is combining and connecting these characteristics in a unique way. Harmony & Order in Minutes – here just one of the recent KFH lessons (25 minutes documentary):

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You may book already now for 2016
Please safe your place! 

Great entry into the world of KFH:
Already many people now have a much better, more authentic relationship with their horse, their life and themselves.

3 DAYS – 8 July – 10 July 2016
Experience Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling first hand:
Your KFH Live Weekend in Denmark directly on a KFH school-farm

3 full & intensive days (more than 7 teaching hours a day).

The “fast” and yet thorough introduction into the world of KFH. He will demonstrate his work and philosophy with different subjects and horses.

Come into a close contact with the immediate results Klaus is achieving with horses. He will give an overview of the philosophical, historical and practical background.
Please don’t miss your early bird offer until 31 December 2015.

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NEW: KFH Extensive Coaching Seminar ———– Theme 1: KFH Celtic Horsemanship, practice & background

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KFH Extensive Coaching Seminar KFH Celtic Horsemanship (max. 5 participants)

Already scheduled dates:
• From the 7th to 10th of April 2016 ( 4 days ).
Seminar-language: English
• From the 12th to 17th of July 2016 ( 6 days ).
Seminar-language: English

• From the 7th to 10th of August 2016 ( 4 days ).
Seminar-language: German – Veranstaltungssprache Deutsch

Already scheduled dates – Celtic Horsemanship II: Advanced Level – Focus: Signal Weight Riding & Superior Lunging:
• From the 27th to 31th of July 2016 ( 5 days ).

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General information about this seminar type:
These KFH Extensive Coaching seminars include one hour of coaching/teaching per day per participant. There is a group of max. 5 participants, and all participating students may attend the lessons of the others. This then may provide a course day of up to 5 hours (plus) with these maximum 5 participants. In your part of the seminar, your own individual topics can be specifically addressed. The duration of these seminars are in general between 3 and 6 days.
You may register to an already existing and announced seminar (please see above) or you do have the possibility, to schedule together with us  a new appointment. Then we will announce this date and other participants may join this seminar – as mentioned up to max. 5 participants.
The different Extensive-Coaching-Seminar-Offers can be booked all independently – individually or in a connected form.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any further questions.

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NEW: KFH Extensive Coaching Seminar —– Theme 2: Fundamental Life Principles

Understanding and Tracking Destiny and Authentic Life Purpose, Personal Development, Strength & Energy.

KFH Extensive Coaching Seminar KFH Fundamental Life Principles (max. 5 participants)
Already scheduled dates:
• From the 5th to 10th of January 2016 ( 6 days ) – This date is booked-out.
• From the 19th to 24th of March 2016 ( 6 days ).

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Striving for Harmony: The path towards the horse is symbolizing the path towards authentic life. It’s about the knowledge and the experience, to truly detect the traces of fate, to recognize, to feel them and to convert them into general success, fulfillment and authentic life. To revive these ancient paths, did become the main purpose in Klaus’ life. In these seminars he is offering his knowledge and experiences on a very individual and direct level. It is about…
…to guide and coach yourself and others in a truly connected and authentic way:
Understanding  original sources and symbols – live and experience them.

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New: KFH Extensive Coaching Seminar —- Theme 3: Body-Awareness – Individual & Fundamental Exercising-Journey

KFH Extensive Coaching Seminar Body-Awareness
Individual & Fundamental Exercising-Journey
(max. 3 participants)

Already scheduled dates:
• From the 26th to 28th of March 2016 ( 3 days ).
• From the 21th to 23th of July 2016 ( 3 days ).

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The KFH Body-Awareness-System addresses everyone. It is adjustable in stages and for each level it has a customized answer ready. Spiritual-Awareness and Body-Awareness are both fields 227that constitute such a sort of foundation, which of course has a positive influence on many parts of life – a foundation on which all kinds of things can be built up, like also the being with horses. The KFH Body-Awareness-System is the fundament of Klaus’ being with horses. It is proved in daily life and it is radiating meanwhile on a much wider range. In this seminar Klaus is addressing his experiences to maximum 3 participants. An extra addition: Apart of the one to one teachings with Klaus the participants will continue rehearsing for two more hours a day with an educated assistant.

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NEW: KFH Extensive Coaching Seminar ———– Theme 4: Authentic Leadership, Genuine Management and Holistic Success

Jan's Stallion - Day 1 (2014-08-04) - 01Practically everything Klaus is doing with horses is based on what he calls: Genuine Leadership. 

KFH Extensive Coaching Seminar: Authentic Leadership, Genuine Management and Holistic Success (max. 3 participants)

Already scheduled dates:
• From the 31st of January – 2nd of February 2016 ( 3 days )

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This special and very condensed seminar Klaus addresses not only but mainly to those, who are in positions of higher and highest responsibility, who must get things moving, supervise and instruct people and nearly each moment make decisions or who are coaches, therapists or consultants themselves. Deliberately and very consciously he is calling his school a ‘School of Success’. Important in this regard: his definition of success is refined in a very special way. He is looking at success as something, which is including practically all aPeople in seminars - 79spects of authentic life. Only a sort of holistic success, which is including important parts of fundamental and sustained responsibility, humanity, authenticity, social relations, general harmony, friendship, general healthiness, groundedness and happiness on a wide scale for Klaus can be correctly named as ‘genuine success’. This seminar is about all this.

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If you like, combine two or more themes in one Block. KFH – Seminars scheduled in one package:

Each seminar of the Extensive Coaching Offers can be booked individually – there is also no prerequisite for any of them. But maybe you are interested in taking advantage out of one single travel to Denmark and to attend to your favorite themes in a row. Here are the two packages, which are already scheduled in a compact form:

Package 1:
Fundamental Life Principles – 19. – 24. March 2016
Please click here to book.
Body-Awareness – 26. – 28. March 2016
Please click here to book.
Celtic Horsemanship I – 7. – 10. April 2016
Please click here to book. 

Package 2:
Entrance Weekend 8. – 10. July 2016
Please click here to book.
Celtic Horsemanship I – 12. – 17. July 2016
Please click here to book. 
Body-Awareness – 21. – 23. July 2016
Please click here to book. 
Celtic Horsemanship II – 27. – 31. July 2016
Please click here to book.

Please notice, that there are only few places available. So if you are certain and decided, then secure yours.

For further questions about your individual customized package, ideas and desires please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Tel: 0045 – 40 16 14 76

Dominator - Topical

KFH – Customized Education – Your Individual Schooling Schedule also over longer periods

Personal development with or without horse:

1Please find here information about your customized long term coaching/education in a personal teacher relation directly with Klaus and in accordance with your personal aims and visions:

An individual customized way with a schooling plan, elaborated and worked out together with Klaus, has revealed in the last years as very beneficial and successful.

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66 - consulting, informing, coaching

Welcome to the world of groundedness, connection and authenticity

With this website, we represent one of the most prestigious horse men and consultant in the world. We inform about seminars, offers, films,  publications and articles from the field of his work with horses and horse interested people as well as about his work with those people who request and use his advice and experience for purposes in private, business and other social and public relations.

“I’ve never seen a horseman like him… You will leave his workshops with an incredible amount of food for thought and you will never approach horses in quite the same way again.” – ‘Horses for LIFE’

“For me, the horse is somehow like what the bow is for the Zen-Archer. And I think it is fair and important to say, that what I am doing with horses is in reality beyond the visible.

I am more than willing to talk about and to explain it – but everything I say and do come from these authentic, grounded and genuine worlds.
The bonding and the healing, all the visible changes and results you can see and witness in so many cases are rooted in these principles.”


Facebook cover

Our entrance-shake-hand at present

is this clip together with our thanks for more than 2 million views. This clip is allowing a first insight in Klaus’ unique being with horses together with general information about the background. Please enjoy:

Hempfling – When the horse seeks us

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1GCI – Hempfling –  Global Consulting Institute


Do you have Questions?
Tel: 0045 – 40 16 14 76


A great path has no gate – What is it, that Klaus does?

And why is it so interesting and useful also, and more and more, for non-horse people? A first glimpse:

Klaus already in early childhood wanted to walk the path that corresponds to his origin, his regional european culture. So he came to the legends of his ancestors, their symbols and also towards their special connection with horses. So he came finally to the real horse – to do only one thing: to walk the path of his ancestors himself – the path to the recognition of authenticity and destiny.

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Klaus has decided, again to take on offers from abroad –  within Europe and partly Africa.

Maybe you are interested in organizing a seminar in your region, in your country, or maybe you are interested in applying for a stay of Klaus on your farm – just gathering colleagues, friends and family, – with this offer you may realize a  direct access to Klaus’ teaching in your area.

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Please find here our latest Newsletter:

Dear reader,

This time we would like to share different things with you – sorry, that it did become a bit longer.

1. Our recent clip :

Only in the last three weeks we did get around 50.000 new followers on Facebook (meanwhile more than 1 million – thanks very much also again for that). Inspired by this fact and dedicated to all these new friends – hundred thousand over the last month – we arranged this clip to explain at least some of the unique characteristics in one glance, regarding Klaus being with horses and life. We took already known footage – nevertheless it might also be a good reminder for experienced friends and it might also be useful in case one would like to explain family or friends, why the ‘KFH way’ is the model one has chosen. Please enjoy.

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Connected Equine- and Life Consulting in personal relations, business and society