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The proven KFH-teaching-strategy

Living in the Master’s School together with your horse – converted into your teacher.

After a treatment from Klaus horses are changing deeply and profoundly, so that they may help teaching you in a genuine way.
Pictogram horse and humanIf you can’t come with your own horse, it can be arranged, that you’re working with a special selected one from our school. Please contact us:
Pictogram tel 1 bearb0045 61 34 79 49
0045 40 16 14 76

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Klaus is converting your horse into your personal teacher to hand it over to you for your individual continuation in your own speed, sphere and form:
Very effective for your being with your horse. 

The immediate changing of a horse into a voluntarily submitting, friendly and balanced fellow during the first encounter with nearly no means belongs to the unique fundament of Klaus’ work.

‘Horses in the Master’s Hand’ is the connecting link between you, your perception of destiny, your horses’ happiness and an authentic way of being with horses and finally also with life.

How can one transmit something very difficult? We know: what Klaus is doing, for example during the first encounter with a horse, is simply stunning – there is something magical about it.

The advanced concept: Klaus is connecting your horse with his own and authentic destiny-path. If the owner then takes over this horse, he himself is laying his hands on a being, which is connected with his inner being – radiating this sensation, to teach and to transmit all this to that person.

05. website renovation 02 -e 27-05-2016You are presenting your horse to Klaus – he will work with it and he will give you important and decisive comments for you to continue. With this, Klaus is converting your horse already into your personal teacher.

The handing over of the now advanced horse to the owner and the focus on the now  open path for both of them by guiding the horse to a high level of inner balance and self-assuredness, joy and life-mood.

This horse now is able to teach – and the owner has a genuine and unique chance to learn, to change, to listen to his inner deep intuition after seeing Klaus solving problems, bonding and healing.

In the upper 25-minutes-documentary you may follow a recent transforming of a horse – filmed during an Entrance-Weekend. The owner has been writing us: “Yesterday I brought Alto home and today I have been BRUSHING HIM. He was very clearly calmer and he did not bite or kick as he used to. So now I must follow up on this. So please greet Klaus from me and thank him many thousand times – we will meet again….”

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During these meetings Klaus is describing the character of this individual horse. He is explaining all necessary details to start with and to continue. He is informing about the general state and situation of the horse and he is giving first aids and advice for the owner to understand his own behavior in regard to the reactions of the horse. The main action nevertheless is dedicated to the horse itself. In the Masters Hand the horse is changing towards his inner being, towards his authentic expression and destiny purpose.

Klaus is immediately pinpointing the problems, the visible and those, which are hidden and latent. By healing them and by understanding them, by sharing his soul with the horse, by finding an immediate contact and bonding with them, the horse is flourishing and stabilizing immediately and will transmit this groundedness, this self-assuredness, joy, hope, strength, knowledge and positive life-mood towards the owner, at least if he is willing to continue this path.

Here is one of the ‘cult-clips’ of how Klaus started to transform even the most distracted horses:

This arrangement is containing the following themes in an optional form, because everything is based on your individual questions and necessities:

1.   Your Horse in the Master’s Hand plus comprehensive characterization and description of the horse’s state and condition. Individual horse-regarded issues of management, equipment and feeding. All this may be accomplished by the following general themes:

2.    Individual Body-Awareness advises and practical exercises – of course related to the insights during the meetings with the horse.

3.    A first entrance into the themes concerning Fundamental Life Principles, Genuine Life-Purpose and General personal coaching issues – of course also related to the insights during the meetings with the horse.

If you can not come with your own horse, then we may provide a horse for you.

Your work and togetherness with your horse at the farm after Klaus' first encounter with it can, if you wish, also be filmed and then thoroughly discussed and compared.

People in seminars - 45You should be free of other duties to be focused on yourself and your horse, a sort of ‘holidays in a special form’. Everything is 88arranged for you – healthy food, a nice and comfortable accommodation a peaceful and calm atmosphere and of course – the helping hand of Klaus.

For any further questions, please contact us at one of these phone numbers. Our info-team will be pleased to advise you:
0045 61 34 79 49
0045 40 16 14 76
You will be served in English, German, Spanish or Danish.

Little gallery of Klaus’ work:

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