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Educational-Theme 1: Body-Awareness, Physical Intelligence & Energy

The Individual & Fundamental Exercising-Journey – A system which has been built up by Klaus in decades and proved in life –  in countless situations.

The KFH Body-Awareness-System addresses everyone. It is adjustable in stages and for each level it has a customized answer ready. Spiritual-
04. Dancing Without Horses - Heal Yourself Deeply 02 PICTURES 17-05-2016 Basic & EducationalAwareness and Body-Awareness are both fields
that constitute such a sort of foundation, which of course has a positive influence on many parts of life – a foundation on which all kinds of things can be built up, like also the being with horses.

The KFH Body-Awareness-System is the fundament of Klaus’ being with horses. It is proved in daily life and it is radiating meanwhile on a much wider range.

06. website renovation 02 -b - 19-05-2016

04. website renovation 02 -e 27-05-2016The recommended procedure is the following: to start with this particular theme, we are recommending, to begin with 3 days+ in a row.

It has been proved as very efficient then later to repeat these days whenever it seems to be appropriate.

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EDUCATIONAL-Theme 2: Fundamental Life Principles

Understanding and Tracking Destiny and Authentic Life Purpose, Personal Development, Strength & Energy in front of the background of ancient transmissions from all around the world studied by Klaus in particular over decades.

41. Extensive Coaching SeminarStriving for Harmony: Also the path towards the horse is symbolizing the path towards authentic life. It’s about the knowledge and the experience, to truly detect the traces of fate, to recognize, to feel them and to convert them into general success, fulfillment and authentic life, it is all about energy.

To revive these ancient paths, did become the main purpose in Klaus’ life. In his teaching concerning these issues, he is offering his knowledge and experiences on a very individual and direct level. It is about…

… guiding and coaching yourself and others in a truly connected and authentic way: Understanding  original sources and symbols – live and experience them.

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Educational-Theme 3: Authentic Leadership, Genuine Management and Holistic Success

The path towards the horses, originally expressed through the path towards knighthood, was mainly designed to understand and to refine the idea of genuine leadership towards the humans world in its highest understanding and culture. This is the path Klaus has always tried to revive, to teach and to express in his life.

This special theme addresses not only but mainly to those, who are in positions of higher and highest responsibility, who must get things moving, supervise and instruct people and nearly each moment make decisions or who are coaches, therapists or consultants themselves.

Practically everything Klaus is doing with horses is based on what he calls: Genuine Leadership. 

Deliberately and very consciously Klaus is calling his school a ‘School of Success’. Important in this regard: his definition of success is refined in a very special way. He is looking at success as something, which is including practically all aspects of authentic life. Only a sort of holistic success, which is including important parts of fundamental and sustained responsibility, humanity, authenticity, social relations, general harmony, friendship, general healthiness, groundedness and happiness on a wide scale for Klaus can be correctly named as ‘genuine success’.

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